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Bromelia balansae

Heart of Flame

Pos. Refined, Smooth.

Neg. Rough, Harsh Treatment.

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Pos. Progress, Continue.

Neg. Revert, Relapse.

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Pos. Alternative, Life Changing.

Neg. Conclusion, Finality.

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Cryptanthus Jean Nicol

Pink Star

Pos. Enjoyment, Joy.

Neg. Traumatized, Past Hurt.

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Navia igneosicola

Star of Venezuela

Pos. Unified, Integrated.

Neg. Schism, Divided Psyche.

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Tillandsia useneoides

Spanish Moss

Pos. Connection, Relationship.

Neg. Loneliness, Mistrust.

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Acanthostachys strobilacea

Pinecone Bromeliad

Pos. Systematic, Logical.

Neg. Frustrated, Annoyed.

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Echolerium horridum

Tears of the Sun

Pos. Comprehend, Mental Grasp.

Neg. Massive, Unprecedented.

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Pos. Brave, Courageous.

Neg. Cowardly, Intimidated.

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Neoregelia carcharodon

Shark’s Tooth Bromeliad

Pos. Relevant, Applicable.

Neg. Irrelevant, Superfluous.

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Pos. Cheerful, Optimistic.

Neg. Negative, Pessimistic.

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Pos. Progress, Continue.

Neg. Revert, Relapse.

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There’s No Higher Intelligence than Common Sense.

Tips for 2017

Key Words + Clever, Smart, Mental Dexterity.

  • 2017 will be a ‘fast’ year and will fly by. It is a ‘mental’ year for ‘planning and quick action’. It is not an emotional year for ‘sorting things out’ so don’t get bogged down in inner work.
  • Adaptive Intelligence – Able to change your thinking to suit the present role. Without getting emotional about it.
  • Emptiness – Allowing the present moment to fill your mind with the thoughts, emotions and awareness that match reality.
  • Intelligent Approach – Learning about a variety of topics that are relevant to reality and your life. Building worldly as well as spiritual intelligence so that you can deal with life from different angles.
  • Understanding that ‘common sense’ or ‘ordinary intelligence’ is the sum of all forms of intelligence ( logic, intuition, etc ) and is the ‘highest’, most relevant for everyday life.
  • Using Common Sense. Especially when following a spiritual path in life.
  • Learning about things that are useful to you such as cooking, financial planning, etc and other life skills. Broadening your mind by learning about subjects beyond your usual range.
  • Mental Agility – Able to think on the move.
  • Mental Dexterity – Able to switch off any thought pattern and return to neutral, natural awareness. Not attached to any in particular, including ‘spiritual thought’.
  • Multi-Tasking – Able to change mental postures easily and handle multiple roles, simultaneously.
  • Well-Rounded Human Being – Does not mean you are perfect. It means you are able to function in a lot of different areas of life, pick it up as you go.

Things to Avoid

Key Words – Dumb, Stupid, Nonsense.

  • Watch out for limited or selective intelligence. Intelligence that is smart along a specific line of thinking but dumb beyond that range.
  • Amassing great amounts of information, particularly about spiritual concepts, that does not meet the present need such as managing your finances, making smart decisions, etc.
  • Fooled into thinking that ‘spiritual thought’ is deep, comprehensive and superior to other forms of thought. Failing to see that it is a thought pattern like any other, with a selective focus, blindspots and filters for reality.
  • Constantly deferring to ‘higher intelligence’, intuition, spiritual guides, etc instead of making clear, thoughtful or command decisions for yourself.
  • Rigid Spiritual Thinking – Filtering your entire reality through a ‘spiritual’ lens, all the time. Bogged down by complex, vague or impractical thinking that leaves you wide open to doing dumb things in real life.
  • Repeatedly stopping to focus your thinking ( life energy ) on your emotions, healing or self help too much. Leaving your life plans to fall apart through neglect.
  • Finding that life does not flow and grinds because of too much self, inner work and self focus. Mistaking this as a sign to do more inner work. Which will produce more grind when what you need to do is look up and move toward the goal.

‘Common Sense’ is the Highest Form of Intelligence.

It is the One That Suits This Moment.

Brendan Rohan – Founder of the Skyflowers

2017 Special Blend


The Only ‘Rescue-type’ Remedy Designed for 2017.


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