Project Report 2019-’20


2019 was a “building for the future” year for the Skyflowers Project. It was like growing potatoes. In 2019, there was a lot of deep, important, behind the scenes work done than what was apparent “above ground”. Many of these things were about building a strong foundation for the future of the project. While they are important, not much of it was newsworthy so I didn’t make many announcements this year. Except for product releases, etc.

While we reached several milestones this year, the most far reaching achievement was a recent one. It is the new partnership or “cross-pollination” between the Skyflowers Project and a yet-to-be-named company. That partnership is a big deal and will be announced early in 2020 when the relevant products and services are released.

Sale of product across the board was fairly steady throughout the year. While most companies measure growth by a rising sales graph, the truth is that sales were a steady flat line even though much less time & energy was devoted to marketing and sales. The company ticked along just fine while my time was taken up with other things. So in all, I’m happy with that. Who doesn’t want a product line that sells itself?

In terms of new products, 2019 saw the release of two box sets. The Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid set was released in Q1 and Skyflowers: Money Mastery Set was released mid-year along with their companion charts. The Skyflowers: 9th Edition was released and was a major overhaul of the previous 8th edition, which was a major update in itself over previous editions.


2020 kicks off with several new product releases and a brand new look. Like it?

The charcoal ( not black ) background will be used on our catalogues, some of our product guides and Clinical Flower Therapy pages. It’s part of color coding the Skyflowers: Pro System so that it makes it easy to learn and remember. I personally like charcoal as a backdrop as it is soothing on the eyes and also makes images / photos pop. So far we’ve only updated the Skyflowers: 2020 Catalogue but will be updating the key pages during the year.

Check out the home page to see it in action. But don’t worry, the new color palette will be used sparingly and only for catalogues and certain technical information. Most of the website, including the shop and blog will stay white, but with a few minor tweaks to make them more pleasing to the eye.

[ In case you’re wondering who does my graphics? I do and I always have. I research the remedies, write the content, design the website, take the photos and design my own graphics in Affinity Designer. I even designed the flower box the remedies come in. ]

Before we talk about new release products, I just want to briefly mention the 2020 florascope. The spiritual forecast I put out every year that predicts the issues within the collective mind.

The flower of the year for 2020 is Self Respect. Collectively, we will be getting some practice in self respect and moving from a self-ish, “respect me” perspective to a more evolved, “respect-for-all-selves” view. This will bring issues and challenges as a host of individual ego fight for their place in the sun.

If you’re interest in what your homework will be each month of 2020, then check out the 2020 FloraScope.

Product-wise 2020 is going to be a big year for new releases.

To start the year off, I originally planned to release the Skyflowers: 10th Edition in mid-January but decided to delay the release until August, during the 23rd anniversary. The reason for the delay is that I want to wait until after the release of Clinical Flower Therapy and will update the manual to reflect that material. The 10th edition contains 9 new flower remedies that have been released from trials. Aside from the new remedies, the 25ml combinations have been streamlined and overhauled. A new “essence selection guide” has been added as well as “recipes” that will help you design your own combinations using the Skyflowers: Pro System.


Perhaps the biggest release for Q1 is the Skyflowers: Higher Self box set that is due in February. This is a box set has been in development for 20 years ( yes, two decades ) and the final flowers are only just being released from trials! The theme of this 25 remedy set is “affirmations, ego & identity” and contains all 16 affirmation flowers ( Billbergia ) as well as “9 flowers from the garden of Eden” ( Quesnelia ).

They are the yin & yang of each other, working on different sides of the ego.

While you can attach an affirmation to any old flower remedy, the Skyflowers: Higher Set box set uses flowers that have been “designed by nature” to do that exact job. The two flower groups included in this set install a new sense of self that based on your true self / spirit.

  • The Billbergia are “yang” and work to affirm the spirit ( not the ego ) and the Quesnelias are “yin” and dissolve the ego to reveal the “natural self”.
  • The Quesnelias closely follow the story of Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden & their human-ego challenges.
  • The two flower groups compliment each other perfectly.

Aside from the remedies, the new box set introduces a completely new type of affirmation. One that replaces the traditional “I am” power statement that caters to the soul, not to the ego. Yes, mother nature has offered insight into the “higher self” and how to use positive affirmations to better effect. But more on this later as it is an article in itself.

As I said earlier, the Skyflowers: Higher Self box set is epic and pre-orders will soon be live. They will be shipped in early-mid February, so expect a delay in your order. As this will be a popular set, orders will be shipped on a “first come, first served” basis. Which includes our distributors. So get in early.

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On a different front, Skyflowers.Tv will kick off in February too on YouTube. This “travel diary meets gardening program meets self development show” will be broadcast weekly and cover “behind the scenes” stuff to do with the Skyflowers Project. The show is essentially a long-awaited replacement for the weekly flower class I ran for 10 years in Melbourne. As it is online, it will reach a wider, international viewership.

The show recordings will be archived and added to the Skyflowers library that I am building up as part of my “100 year plan” for the project.


After a busy start of year, the Emotions: 2nd Edition will be ( finally ) released in March. The manual has had delay after delay but like all the other products, I didn’t want to rush it to market. The Emotions dictionary has been updated and will contain more than 500 rare emotions, complex thought patterns & specialized terminology.

While there are other definitions added, the main focus of the update is on financial education, money matters and managing your assets. This is a particular weak spot for many in their self development & life skills they practice. Financial education is one of the main themes for 2020 for reasons I will lay out during the year.

Pre-orders will be announced in mid-January with an early bird bonus.


After the new year product roll outs, work will begin on editing the 1st edition of Clinical Flower Therapy. This is why were changing to charcoal as that is the color scheme for the CFT book cover and the online course. The top left screen is pretty much how the online course will look. In regards to writing the book, I’ve scheduled 3 solid months to complete the work and plan to release the 1st edition in mid-2020. I will be airing some of the material on Skyflowers.Tv and some of the written work can already be viewed online. I plan to update the manual annually so that it contains the latest research and best techniques available.

The manual is designed a “text book” for those wishing to study Clinical Flower Therapy to a “doctorate” level. It is a complete rewrite of flower therapy and covers everything from basic fundamentals to advanced techniques to the risks associated with vibrational medicine. The book even covers guidelines for natural therapy associations and how to govern the practice.

Plant studies are the core of this manual and literally everything you need to know about Clinical Flower Therapy can be learned by studying plants.

Clinical Flower Therapy will be released as a spiral manual with digital versions being released as Mac & Windows Apps. And perhaps an iPad app.

Clinical Flower Therapy will be offered as an online course with “micro modules” you can learn at your own rate will be released at a later date. But for 2020, the manual is the main focus.


While Q3 is a long way away, I’ve tentatively planned to write the Skyflowers: Starter Set Clinical Manual. I say tentatively is because any plans that far off next to flex a little should something more important arise. The Skyflowers: Starter Set Clinical Manual is planned for Q3 & Q4 with a release at Christmas time, 2020. It should take about 6 months to “build”.

This manual will be part of the Skyflowers: Encyclopaedia which will contain all 160 flower remedies. While I have first drafts of about 60 remedies derived from my weekly classes, those notes will be updated with the Skyflowers: Pro System and given a fresh new look for the clinical manual. Each flower will have 8 pages of dot point information including the usual positive and negative traits. As well as some new features such as questions to ask the client and suggested companion remedies.

The Skyflowers: Starter Set Clinical Manual will be the first box set related manual to be released. Others will follow in 2021 onwards.

Also scheduled for Q3 is another box set but I won’t be announcing the theme of this one until mid-year. This one is very different to the other sets already released and covers a specific type of clinical work & use case.

Last but not least, Q3 ( August ) will mark the 23rd anniversary of the Skyflowers Project. There will be special events to mark the date, but again, they will be announced at the time.


In Q4 of 2020, work will continue on the Skyflowers: Starter Set Clinical Manual and it should be be released mid-December of 2020. The manual will come in various formats including the usual spiral manual as well as digital copies for Mac, Windows and in a new format, for iPad.

As I do each year, the 2021 25ml special blend will be released in October, early for the new year. Then in December, over the Christmas holidays, the website will be updated for 2021. The end of year report for 2020 & 2021 roadmap ( like this one ) will be posted as will the 2021 FloraScope and flower of the year.

Well, that’s the current plans for 2020. Things may change a little but that is essentially my plan for the coming year. The roadmap & mindmap will be updated throughout 2020. That way I have an accurate diary of what was achieved after 2020 is over.

Thanks for reading and supporting the Skyflowers Project in 2019. Stay tuned for more updates.

Bye for now.

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