Project Report 2020-’21

2020 – A ‘Solid’ Year

The Skyflowers Project had a ‘solid’ year in 2020. Despite the virus.

What do I mean by solid?

Back in 2017, the Skyflowers Project celebrated its 20th anniversary and we started thinking long and hard about the future. I created the 100 year plan and started creating a foundation-for-the-future – The Skyflowers Foundation. The Skyflowers Foundation would be a time-capsule, a library of research, writings & the remedies so that future generations can build on the work we have done.

In designing the 100 year plan, I realized that The Skyflowers Foundation would need a treasury. It would need funding and lots of it to not only pay staff, but give grants to research projects, etc.

So in 2017, I started to research economic models, diversify my income streams & started investing into different income generating assets.

By the time the coronavirus struck in 2020, the Skyflowers Project was in a much better position than it was in 2017 because of the restructuring of our portfolio. The virus was just a bump in the road and I used the quarantine time to research, write and build new things. So the time wasn’t wasted.

While many small businesses and companies were hit hard by the virus, thankfully we were not one of them. In fact we thrived financially in 2020. The biggest challenge in 2020 was only a minor one. Supply chain delays of inventory & postage delays on product shipped out. Which is no big deal in the overall scheme of things.

Retail Sales. Up.

I first heard about the virus back in mid-January. This gave me plenty of time to adjust my plans for the year, select the most relevant products for virus-related issues and create a sales campaign. The “Code Red” campaign.

As we are in the business of selling “little bottles for emotional stress”, people connected with the Code Red campaign and we saw a spike in sales in March-April. Heavy demand resulted in a 6 week back order on the Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid set.

Which was bad timing and we dropped the ball at a time those sets were needed most. Sorry about that. We are reviewing our system of production as a result.

Strange as it is to say, the crisis suited our product line.

In short, the “Code Red” campaign was a massive success and The Skyflowers Project doubled its revenue in 2020 compared to 2019. That’s two years in a row we have doubled sales, which is mind blowing. We thank-you for the support of the project and the money we raise goes straight back into the project so we can expand our operations.

That was 2020. Now let’s look ahead to 2021.


Our plans for 2021 are based upon the 2021 spiritual forecast that I published recently. 2021 is a “grounding” year and a good time to “put foundations under your old plans” ( as opposed to (a) thinking of new ideas or (b) creating new things. )

As a result, will be working on the foundations of The Skyflowers Project in 2021. Setting it up for the transition to The Skyflowers Foundation as well as rolling out “old products” that we have been promising for years.

Skyflowers: Twenty One is designed to meet the issues & challenges of 2021.

The flagship product for 2021 is the new Skyflowers: Twenty One box set. This custom-made set of 25 flower remedies is an idea that I have had since 2003 when I first started monthly & annual forecasting.

Skyflowers: Twenty One contains the flower of the year for 2021, all 12 flowers from the monthly florascope & 12 support flowers for the issues & challenges of 2021. The box set is part of a “toolkit” of articles and other products we have short-listed for your self development in 2021.

Note: There will be a limited number of these sets produced as they are time-sensitive. We will offer them until about March, 2021 and then remove them from the catalogue. So act fast.

Clinical Flower Therapy

“Finally”. I hear you say.

The Clinical Flower Therapy (CFT) book ( and online course ) has been on the drawing board since 2015. I have been steadily working on the material for the entire time and its about time that it was released.

Why it is taking so long is because this is a complete re-write of the practice of flower therapy. I mean literally everything has been pulled apart and put back together in a way that is modular and makes sense.

The scope of Clinical Flower Therapy is a challenge as it covers everything from traditional practices, plants studies in plant medicine, clinical protocols, the latest research in vibrational medicine to industry guidelines for natural therapy associations. It’s an epic work and fitting it all together in a jigsaw is what is taking the most time.

Expect a ‘rolling release’ of new CFT modules in 2021.

Given that the 25th anniversary of the Skyflowers Project is in 2022, I have started the process of compiling the chapters in an effort to publish in the anniversary year.

At this stage I am thinking of a ‘rolling release’ schedule over 2021-22 as opposed to waiting until the complete book is finished. This would mean releasing several chapters ( in a digital format ) and then periodically adding new chapters each month.

While people will want to get their hands on a finished product, from a production point of view a rolling release schedule works well as it takes the pressure off completing the entire work and I can drill down into writing each chapter.

Given that the book presents brand new models for the human mind, the chakra system and new medical concepts such as “vibrational biology”, each chapter is a book in itself.

The longer I look at it, flower therapy is a precise procedure. It is micro-surgery for the subtle body.

Given that Clinical Flower Therapy is designed to be ‘a textbook for future generations’, I am not going to rush the production.

As I plan to update this text book annually, a rolling release schedule works well. I am thinking of using a subscription model like a print magazine for early adopters who want to follow along, support the writing and provide feedback during production. While those who want to wait for the complete book can pick up a hard copy later on.

If I were to work full time on only this project, I estimate it would take me about a full year to complete given the detail the chapters go into and the amount of notes that are yet to be compiled.

Clinical Flower Therapy will be also offered as an online course with “micro modules” you can learn at your own pace. But for 2021-22, the book is the main focus.

Expect to see the prologue chapter early in 2021.

New Releases in 2021

One lesson I learned in 2020 was not to make too many plans. Given that 2021 is a ‘low gear’, grounding year, I am taking my own advice and not scheduling too many things for 2021.

Writing the material for Clinical Flower Therapy and scaling up the production of remedies will be more than enough to keep me busy for the year. Let alone doing anything else.

Having said that, there are several new releases that may ( or may not ) be released in 2021. Aside from another new box set, one interesting thing on the drawing board is a set of Chakra Flowers to accompany the single Chakra Flower that was released years ago. ( See picture above )

This is particularly intriguing because the work on these came as a complete surprise in 2020 and was unplanned. I didn’t think them up. They ‘came to me’ as important to work on. Even though much of the trials have been completed, I still have no idea what the grand plan is or why these came up to work on. I still don’t know what exactly will be released – a set of 15ml remedies, a 25ml blend or maybe it was just about writing an article for the Clinical Flower Therapy book.

I literally don’t know the end goal. It may not be about a product release.

I am ‘inside the process’. Like a baby in the womb, I am waiting to be born. That is when the insight comes – afterwards.

What is exciting is that the Chakra Flowers offer a brand new insight into the chakra system. As Mother Nature does, she has thrown out the old, ‘new age’ model of the chakras and sheds new light on them. The new interpretation is brilliant. And makes a lot more sense.

I won’t give any spoilers but I will say, the ( new ) chakra system is much more tangible, ‘anatomical’ and provides a much better insight into your body than before. I can’t wait to see what is released.


Another change that will roll out during 2021 are the changes to the 25ml pre-mixed combination remedies. I wrote a whole post about this but to summarize, the 25ml range is being completely overhauled. It is best to read through the post on this as it explains the changes and how the 25ml range will integrate into the Clinical Flower Therapy course.


Before I close out this 2020 report and roadmap for 2021, I will make quick mention of the fact that the Skyflowers Project will turn 24 years old in August. So expect a major new release at that time and perhaps a special offer that you can’t refuse.

Beyond 2021

To recap.

2021 is a ‘grounding, low-gear’ kind of year so we will be focusing on systems, processes and building the foundations for the future. In a word, we will be putting the infrastructure in place that will help the Skyflowers Project to evolve from a company into a fully-featured natural health foundation.

This will take time. And a lot of work. but that’s okay because we are playing the long game. A very long game that will shape an entire industry a 100 years into the future.

We’re building infrastructure not only for a company. We’re building for an industry.

The keyword is ‘infrastructure’. We’re building infrastructure, protocols and guidelines for an entire industry. Not just a private company. There is a lot to be built out and as they say, “quality takes time”. Given that 2021 is a “low-gear”, grounding year, working on foundational infrastructure is the perfect thing to do in 2021.

While we have achieved a lot since 1997, our best work is ahead of us.

Thanks for supporting the Skyflowers Project in 2020. Stay tuned for more updates in 2021 and make sure you check out the 2021 toolkit.

Bye for now,

Brendan Rohan | The Skyflowers Project

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