Skyflowers: 9th Edition, Coming This January

Today, I began work on updating the Skyflowers: 9th Edition. The theme of the update is ‘the future of the Skyflowers Project’ and will be one of the biggest updates yet in terms of refinement and change-of-format.

The new edition will contain 9 new 15ml remedies, new product guides and a complete overhaul of the Skyflowers: Pro System. But the main emphasis is on creating “a completed work that will be put in *a library”.

*If you read my post of the future of the Skyflowers Project, then you will know why.

Text & Format Refinements

The 1st edition of the A-Z guide was published in about 2009 and took me 7 years to complete. ( Which is not saying much as the Starter Set took me 21 years! ) Back when it was published the focus was on “clarity, minimalistic text and concise definitions” of the flowers.

In the beginning, I wanted to write a dictionary with clear definitions of the flowers as I trialed and released them. But now that the research is coming to a close in the next year or two, there is a new priority.

While clarity is still a focus, it’s not the main one in the 9th edition.

The emphasis now is on completing the manual. Drawing it to a close with no more edits or updates. Preserving and arching it for future use, as per my plans to create a foundation as detailed in the roadmap for 2019.

With the future in mind, the focus of the 9th edition is on writing a manual that will stand the test of time, require no more changes and integrate with the Clinical Flower Therapy book for professionals that is in the pipeline.

While the content of the previous 8th edition was tight, the format of the 9th edition will change in subtle ways to mirror the progression of the Clinical Flower Therapy book. Thus making the Skyflowers: 9th edition both a basic introduction to the Skyflowers but also a companion manual to the CFT text book.

Product Guides

Along with text changes to match the CFT book, there will be some new infographics and product guides that show off various features of the Skyflowers Project. From the box sets, how the pro system works and even one for the botany of the bromeliad.

So you can expect a few more pictures sprinkled throughout the pages of the 9th edition.

Box Sets

Now that they are complete, the box sets get a much needed overhaul in the new edition with new product guides to make choosing the right set of remedies easy.

This brings the manual up to date with the changes to the product guides on the website and the information that can be referenced online.

The three pro sets will be on display as well as a new section for the ‘general practice’ toolkits like the Skyflowers: Starter Set. As well as the soon-to-be-released Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid set that is also available now for pre-order & due out in February 2019.

Pre-Order Now

The Skyflowers: 9th Edition is scheduled for release on January 15th, 2019. You can pre order now.

The A4 spiral manual will also come in a variety of digital formats. There will be apps for Mac & Windows, a WordPress plugin and fingers crossed, but there may also be an iPad and Android version. We will see on the last two.

Pre-order now. The 9th edition will come free of charge with any box set purchase.

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