9th Edition ‘Overhauled’, Starter Set ‘Upgraded’

Wow, we seem to have slipped into a new year and kept on running. Personally, I had a great ‘low key’ Christmas season. I worked half days all through the holiday season and to be honest, have been just as productive with my time.

The reason I kept working during the holiday season is because there is a list of products that will be rolling out in Q1 of 2019 and I wanted to keep on top of it.

Upgrades & Updates

As I wrote about in the 2019 roadmap, I have made plans for the long-term future and the eventual creation of the Skyflowers Foundation. A library of books and resources on Clinical Flower Therapy designed to educate on the governance, teaching & practice of flower therapy.

That’s the long term plan. The short term plan is to make progress towards that goal. So this year I have decided to work on ‘the basics’ of flower therapy, on-boarding processes for new people and instruction guides.

Skyflowers: 9th Edition

The first product to roll out in 2019 ( other than the 2019 25ml blend that is ) is the Skyflowers: 9th Edition. Due on February 1st alongside the new Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid set, the 9th edition has been ‘overhauled & rewritten’ and is the biggest revision to date.

The 1st edition of the 32 page manual took me 7 years to compile. And each year new remedies have been added. This year, the introduction has been expanded, new product guides added & the manual has been polished.

I’m excited by this years release, not only because it has some really nice additions to the 15ml range coming, but because the overall design of the manual is better integrated with the website & forthcoming Clinical Flower Therapy eCourse and manual.

New 15ml Remedies

Speaking of new 15ml remedies, here’s a sneak preview of the 8 new 15ml stock remedies to hit the catalogue. There are some awesome flowers in there that really shake up our understanding of spiritual concepts.

  1. Affirmation 15ml – This remedy rocks our understanding of affirmations and highlights that the common “I am” power statement may be flawed in its design. I won’t give the secret away but suffice to say, there will be a whole chapter of a forthcoming book on a new style of affirmation that affirms life, not the ego.
  2. Bolivian Air Plant 15ml – The key word here is ‘compatibility’ and kinesiologists who test up for food sensitivities, EMF, etc will love this one. Again, mother nature takes a different road and highlights that many of the things were are susceptible to are partly the result of our thinking & beliefs, not the ingredient or thing we are exposed to itself. Yes, your thinking can be corrosive and just as harmful as the external input!
  3. Dark Green Star 15ml – Although technically this flower was released in late 2018, it makes the catalogue this year in the update. If ever there was a remedy that tackled the subject of ‘balance’ and natural health it’s this one. The DGS looks at the extreme thinking and radical things we do to restore balance to our lives. It shines a light on the ‘healthy’ things we do and asks the question, is the mindset behind them really healthy?
  4. Earth Star 15ml – This one was released in the Skyflowers: Starter Set in November 2018 and briefly had the name ‘Projection’. Which is very much the theme. The Earth Star looks at the ways we ‘blame shift’ and transfer energy to other people. In short, this one highlights ‘surrogation’ and how we hook into other peoples energies and wear some of their stuff. And vice versa. The Earth Star cleans all of that up by looking at the role you play in the exchange and what your agenda is. Thus staking responsibility as the way to unlink from others and return to a healthy relationship.
  5. Priority 15ml – This one is the multi-taskers dream as it answers the riddle of how to effectively multi-task. While I won’t give away that answer here, this flower prioritizes your life ( energy ) in the order it needs to be expressed or released. It’s like having a personal organizer sort your life out for you. Kinesiologists will find this one interesting too as it offers the ability to use a ‘long term priority-mode’ with your clients that goes beyond the limitations of a finger mode that only holds while in clinic. More on this later in a feature article.
  6. Self Development 15ml – While the Affirmation 15ml & Bolivian Air Plant 15ml confirmed some of my long-term beliefs about self development, this one directly confronts the issue itself. The key word here is ‘maturity’ and developing a well-rounded set of life skills that cater to the demands of real life. While many self helpers focus on developing via chakra balancing, energy healing & higher dimensional stuff, they tend to get lost in lofty, impractical views of life. The flower of Self Development focuses on developing a ‘well-rounded’ set of skills for the realities of human life. Anything from cooking skills to money management & other handy skills you need to have if you’re living a 3D, grounded, human life. After all, what would self development be about? Again, this one will feature in an article in early 2019.

That’s the sneak peek at what’s coming. There are 2 other flowers but they shall remain a mystery for now.

25ml Combinations

Perhaps the biggest shake up in the 9th edition is the changes to the catalogue of 25ml combination formulas. Some have been renamed. Most recipes have changed and been updated with new release remedies. While many of the old recipes have been scrapped.

The reason while many will be disappearing from the catalogue is to make keeping inventory easier. Also, I plan to release a new ‘recipe’ catalogue at some stage with suggestions for making your own combinations. And many of the deleted remedies will appear in this list.

But more on the recipes later.

Starter Set: Upgraded to 2.0

While we’re on the subject of changes, there has been a slight change to the line up of remedies contained in the Skyflowers: Starter Set.

After a lot ( and I mean, a lot ) of deliberation, I have replaced two of the remedies that were offered in the original sets sold in November & December of 2018.

While the two that were replaced are amazing flowers, the two new ones were a ‘better fit’ for this particular set.

Changes in the new set.

  1. Affirmation 15ml has replaced Ability 15ml. While both are from the same flower group of ‘affirmation flowers’, Affirmation 15ml offers some fundamental lessons regarding affirmations & positive thinking. So this new release had to go in the Starter Set.
  2. Self Development 15ml has replaced Earth Star 15ml ( which used to be called Projection 15ml ). While the Earth Star 15ml deals with projection, deflection and surrogation issues, I thought I’d swap this one out for a ‘core theme’ like self development. This one is for a sober, grounded & practical approach to spiritual & self development. So it had to go in the ‘Introductory set’.
  3. Reality 15ml was originally in the Starter Set but was first runner up and did not make the final selection. Given that this remedy shows up for people who have money issues, debt problems and live above their means, I decided to put it in the set. Reality has replaced Belief 15ml. While Belief is handy for filtering information from social media, the news, etc, the theme of money issues is by far a bigger issue.

That’s A Wrap

That’s it for this update. I just wanted to pen some thoughts and share where I am at with the update of the 9th Edition. It’s scheduled for release on February 1st and while I’m about half way through the revision, I should have it completed easily by that date.

Which will also be the release date for the Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid set that is due out then. I’m excited for both releases.

Thanks for watching.


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