• Why I’m Closing Down My Social Media Channels

    This post is the first of several structural changes I will be making to the Skyflowers Project, now in it’s 22nd year of operation. This post is about the changes to our social media and shares some frank thoughts about why I am making this radical change. 

    The Short Version

    Once all my data has been archived onto this website, I will be closing down all of my social media channels on December 31st, 2018. Which will give me time to run my last social media campaign with my contact details for friends, family and fans who wish to stay in contact.

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  • KANZ Conference Wrap Up

    The Kinesiology Association of New Zealand held its annual conference at the weekend. It was good to catch up with friends from last year.

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  • We’re Moving… Store Closure Dates

    Bronze Flaming Sword ( Authority Issues )

    Hi. Just a quick post to tell you that the Skyflowers shop will be closed from September 10th ~ November 1st, 2018. 

    The reason for the closure is because we are moving and setting up shop in a new location. As I am also moving my 30 year old plant collection, that means there is a lot to do.

    I should be open again later this year but I imagine I will be ready and set up by November 1st at the very earliest. I will keep you posted when I have a better time estimate.

    Shopping Cart

    As a result of the move, the last orders will be sent out on Monday, September 10th. That is the final deadline, so if you need to stock up on anything, now is the time to do it. The shopping cart will be switched off then until I am ready to reopen later this year. ( Or maybe, early next ).

    Orders received after September 10th via email, phone, etc will be posted on November 1st. No exceptions. I run a pretty tight ship and need to pack up the office on the deadline I have set. 

    Once the move has been completed and I’m open for business again, I will be rolling out some exciting new product offerings. So stay tuned.

    Thanks for your understanding,


  • NZ Kinesiology Conference Just 1 Month Away…

    Presenting at AKA 2017

    I just wanted to say hi and touch base with KANZ conference delegates before the conference as there are some ‘extras’ I wanted to share. Currently I’m busy preparing for my presentation, “Emotion: Islands in the Stream of Consciousness”… as well as moving house ( and my 40 year old plant collection ). As well as doing all the other stuff that life demands!

    So there’s a lot happening right now. Talk about emotional times lol!

    I wrote about my plans for my NZ trip here and also wrote a post about the challenge of writing the presentation. Which is an intro to the presentation, so if you’re attending the conference, you may want to read it as a primer to get the background story.

    Aside from my presentation, I will also be doing a special 1/2 hour ‘Introduction to the Skyflowers‘ at KANZ for anyone interested in learning more about the range and also Clinical Flower Therapy. That’s a free talk outside of the official conference program that delegates can attend during the weekend.

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  • The Challenge of Writing a Book About Emotion

    I actually began writing my ( forthcoming ) book, “Emotion: Islands in the Stream of Consciousness” about 15 years ago. The very first notes were written in about 2003. I started on it when I was 6 years into my flower essence research.

    The reason the book has taken this long ( and is still yet to be completed ) is not because of procrastination. It’s because of clarity. The more I delved into the subject of emotion, the more questions I had that needed to be answered. And the more flower remedies I researched, the more answers I got. Which is why the book has not been completed yet.

    To be honest, the subject is not a simple one to write about. It’s intricate. It’s a subject that gets bigger, the more closely you look at it. ‘You can’t describe this without describing that’ as there are many inter-related parts that work together like cogs in an engine.

    The tricky thing with ’emotion’ is that it is not an object, a thing. Emotion is a human label for something that is so much larger than we imagine. Emotion is really just one facet, one small part of a larger whole that cannot be described in isolation.

    Emotion belongs to a larger body. A body of… consciousness. Which is mysterious by nature.

    But, mysterious or not, I currently find myself in the position of having to write a conference paper to a deadline. And then present a lecture on it for peer review in just over a month. So the great mystery will have to be solved, quick smart!

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  • Skyflowers Turns 21!

    The Skyflowers Project is 21 years old! Wow.

    The last year has been a year of ‘challenge and reflection’ for me personally. After speaking at the KANZ and AKA conferences late last year, life turned in a new direction which eventually resulted in the passing of my mother.

    While that was an ‘amazing but hard’ time to go through, it lead to other life changes and had a cascading, domino effect.

    Quite frankly, the past year has been difficult on every front.

    Multiple challenges arose at once and although things have been difficult, it has also shown me that I can deal with a lot more than I imagined. Continue Reading

  • 2018 Workshops

    October 2018

    Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
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  • Preparing for the KANZ Conference

    Display set up, AKA 2017.

    I can’t believe it’s just 2 months to the Kinesiology Conference in New Zealand. It feels like no time at all since I presented last time!

    ( *The photo, left, was taken at the Australian conference about a month after the KANZ 2017 conference. )

    I can’t wait to get back over to New Zealand and explore a little more of the country. It’s gorgeous and the people there are friendly.

    My plan was to be in NZ for 2-3 weeks but as I am in the process of moving house, I’ve had to alter my plans and trim it back to just a week in Auckland. I had planned to spend some time on the road as I want to go to Rotorua and several other places. And return to Wellington.

    I will see if I can make a return trip in November this year or February next year and tour for 2-3 weeks as originally planned. We will see if there is interest in the workshops.

    This trip, I’m lucky to be hosted by Allene Gibson, a kinesiologist from Auckland. The workshops and other events I have planned will be run from her workshop and clinic.

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  • Have You Updated Your “Terms & Conditions”?

    ( See: 20% Sale Coupon at the bottom of this post )

    If you have gone into your inbox recently, there has been an excessive amount of emails telling you that a website you have an account with has “updated their terms & conditions”.

    The reason why everyone from Google, Facebook, Instagram and every other website on the planet is sending out T&C emails is to comply with the GDPR or “cookie law” that went into effect on May 25th, 2018.

    GDPR stands for “General Data Protection Regulation” and has big implications for the internet. And companies like yours and mine.

    What Is Happening?

    In a nutshell, a new set of laws have been passed to protect online privacy for citizens of EU countries. The laws were proposed 2 years ago and have now gone into effect.

    Essentially, “the law has finally caught up to the speed of technology”. So now big companies can no longer exploit the legal system and your rights simply because there was no law regarding online privacy. This is a legal loophole that has been abused to generate record profits for big companies that offer “free services” you use everyday. Until now.

    These new laws fix a problem that dates back to when the internet was first launched. And no privacy protections were put in place. Well, now there are.

    Do You Run A Website?

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  • Buy 2 Sets of Skyflowers, Get 1 Free!

    My beloved box sets are finally here! Yes, the 3 box sets of flower remedies that I began making 20 years ago ( August, 1997 ) are finally here. And a reality. But I won’t rave on with the back story or tell you how much research has gone into the Skyflowers.

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  • My Thoughts On Kinesiology Week 2018

    It’s Kinesiology Week this week, which runs from March 12th – 18th. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about the benefits of energy kinesiology and to promote it to the public. There are special events, discount offers and a range of things to get involved in.

    Personally, I wish to see it become “International Kinesiology Week” and think that other kinesiology associations ( including our distant cousins, Applied kinesiology ) should come on board to make it a big event.

    I’d like to see kinesiology week turn into an international event – an online, 7-day conference.

    An event that brings together people from all over the world to learn, discuss the industry and set the global agenda for the coming year. With scheduled events, such as webinars and other educational content that you can attend.

    But that’s a big picture idea for another year. Right now I’d like to talk about something else. Continue Reading

  • Skyflowers: Infinite Mind, Pro Charts, New Releases & More!

    Wow. My mind is blown. Believe me, I have seen a lot when it comes to researching flower remedies. And it takes a lot to blow my mind but I think I have successfully achieved it. Mother nature has surprised me, yet again.

    After a long, long time on the drawing board, a whole bunch of new products have all decided to land all at once. Within a very short span of time. Which does not surprise me as the remedies I have been working on are for ‘high speed mental processing’… Continue Reading

  • New Release! The Flower of Potential

    Everyone wants to live a great life. Everyone wants to reach their full potential. But the question is, what does that really mean?

    A new flower remedy answers that very question.

    The flower of Potential, Neoregelia chlorosticta helps you to understand what it means to ‘reach your potential’. But rather than pushing to ‘be your best’, the flower takes a more relaxed view of the subject. Continue Reading

  • Infinite Mind Box Set, Delayed Until May

    There’s no sense delaying the inevitable. The release of the new box set, Skyflowers: Infinite Mind is being postponed until May.

    The set was due out on February 1st, 2018.

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  • What’s Coming in 2018

    Despite it being the holiday season, I have been working on new products that will be released in Q1 of 2018. Albeit I have been working on them at a very relaxed pace.

    New Box Set, “Infinite Mind”

    The biggest product release is the second ( of 3 ) professional box sets and is due for release in February of 2018. Called Skyflowers: Infinite Mind, this set of 25 flower remedies deals with thought patterns, mental confusion and other issues of the mind. This set follows the release of Skyflowers: Higher Ground back in August of 2017, which incidentally is on sale until Jan 1st.

    The flowers used in Infinite Mind differ from the usual ‘flowers for emotional issues’ as they clean up entire lines of thinking and remove multiple emotions from your thought patterns or ‘story’. They basically help you to focus that mind of yours on what you want, rather than what you don’t want and clean up any confusion about life that you have.

    If you are interested in learning more about the box set, then head over to the product page. It’s currently being sold at a discount if you pre-order before January 31st and you will also get some extra bonuses for being an early adopter. Continue Reading

  • Start 2018 on a High

    Skyflowers: Infinite Mind releases in February, 2018. Sale ends January 1st.

    P.s. Don’t forget to check out the 2018 florascope!

  • Skyflowers: Infinite Mind… Promotional Offer!

    Skyflowers: Higher Ground helped to ground your spirit so you can stand strong in a world of change.

    Skyflowers: Infinite Mind helps to raise your thinking to new heights so that you achieve a higher standard of living…

    New Box Set, Coming Feb, 2018

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  • Spiritual Forecast for December, 2017

    December 2017 – “Moving On”

    The flower of the month for December 2017 is TransmigrationDyckia brevifolia. While many people know what the word “transformation” means, transmigration is another hidden aspect of the transformative process.

    As something transforms from one state to another or “grows”, it moves forward into a new state and never returns to the old state. In the example of a caterpillar, when it transforms into a butterfly, it never returns to being a caterpillar and has “moved on” permanently. Into a higher state of evolution. Continue Reading

  • Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

    Yes, we’re having a sale. You get 20% off any of our individual 15ml and 25ml flower remedies and a couple of secret products. Sale ends on Monday.

  • Australian Kinesiology Conference 2017, Wrap Up

    The Skyflowers Stand, during Friday set up.

    Compared to the New Zealand Conference wrap up that I wrote a couple of months back, the Australian conference was a completely different experience for me. But not for the reasons you might expect. The conference itself was amazing but as with any life event, sometimes ‘there’s good news and bad news’ that goes with it.

    Luckily, there’s lots of good news to talk about.

    The Bad News

    Let’s begin with the bad stuff and what happened on the Sunday night after I left the conference. Well, soon after arriving home I found myself dialling 000 emergency services and giving CPR to my mother who had collapsed. ( Reminder to self to do a refresher course in CPR. ) She had just been through a particularly harsh flu for 6 weeks and had secondary complications, further worsened by the fact she wasn’t eating or drinking much. So it was not a total shock that it happened.

    All I can say is that it’s a good thing I have watched a lot of doctor shows on Tv! Continue Reading

  • Australian Kinesiology Conference 2017, Quick Update

    This is just a quick update because I spent most of last night in the emergency ward at the hospital with my mum, so I am twice-as-exhausted after the weekend. I plan to release quite a bit of extra information over the next week to do with the conference so stay tuned.

    There will be videos answering the most common questions I got, a video debrief of my experience at the epic event and a special ‘souvenir edition’ of my presentation, “Integrating Kinesiology & Flower Therapy” for those who couldn’t make it.

    For now, I just wanted to post a link to the slideshow as I saw many people taking photos, so here they are.


  • Afterthoughts from KANZ, Lead Up to AKA Conference

    We are now just 2 weeks away from the Australian Kinesiology Conference 2017. I remember when it was still 9 months away when I first put in a submission for it. As they say, time flies.

    Preparations are coming along and there will be some nice surprises for conference delegates, particularly the air plants that I will be selling in peak flower ( see below ).

    My slideshow has had several tweaks since I presented at the New Zealand event and as the conference is in my home town, the stand I am creating to show off the Skyflowers will be a little… bigger than usual. The bonus of being so close by is that I can take live plants along to show off. After all, how can you teach flower therapy without using live plants?

    Simply unheard of. Continue Reading

  • Skyflowers in New Zealand, 2017-18

    On the week of the 23rd to the 29th of August, 2017, I was in New Zealand. The next country over from Australia. The trip was smooth except for a slight money issue. But other than that things went fine.

    The purpose of the trip was to speak at a natural health conference and introduce my work to a new audience. While I love Australia, I have felt the need to move out beyond this market and reach new places. Australia has been good to me but having said that, growth of the project has been stagnant and uptake has been slow. There are various reasons why but they are all essentially solved by “moving on” from Australia and going where the work is received. For now this is my strategy at least.

    Anyway, the trip to New Zealand was a success on many fronts. A big success. I made something of an impression and gained traction in a new market which was my main objective. As a result, I plan to revisit the country twice in 2018. Once early in the year around March and then again for the KANZ conference in August. I was invited back to speak so next time I plan to spend a month in the country rather than the 6 meagre days I had there. There’s lots to see so I want to spend time sight seeing.

    I’m very keen to get back as I found something of a “new home” over there. And a place for more than just my product.

  • Spiritual Forecast for September 2017

    Human beings deserve a medal. A gold medal for performance. I mean the average person not just Olympians or people who do daring things.

    When you look at how we live our lives you have to take you hat off. Continue Reading

  • A New Remedy for Health Practitioners Was Born At KANZ

    Now that I am back from the KANZ kinesiology conference, I’m settling back into my routine. But before I “get back to normal”, there seems to be a lot of things to decompress and digest from my week away In New Zealand. A lot went on in that week and while many of those things were subtle, they all added up. So, to be honest, it will take me a few weeks to properly adjust to “the new me”.

    The conference was the end of a production cycle for the Skyflowers Project. Meaning that I had geared a lot of effort to releasing new remedies, the Higher Ground box set and a range of other side projects around conference time. I used it as the New Zealand tripe as the deadline. The actual presentation was just one thing among many and for the last 6 months I’ve been working hard toward completing them. Continue Reading