for Verification of the Truth. 

Bromeliad Sub-family 3 – Issues with Reality | (S)low Vibration

Brochinnia ( Bro-kin-ee-yah ) are the only Bromeliads to be classed as carnivorous plants. The species used in the Skyflowers forms deep tubes with its leaves and secrete a sweet, but deadly digestive liquid attractive to insect life. Like many other carnivorous plants, Brochinnia have fine hairs on their leaves that form a one-way channel for insects to follow into the tube. Thus trapping them until they fall to a watery death. Brochinnia are native to the more tropical climates of South America.

Botanical ArchetypeEDUCATION, INVESTIGATION, Verification of Fact, Truth.

Nature of IssueMISINFORMATION, Manipulation of Core Truths.

  • Manipulative tendencies in an effort to cover the real truth.
  • Caught up in a cycle of lies and vast effort to keep your illusions alive.
  • Buying into the story that your self image tells you about your limitations. A self image that never speaks of your potential.

Primary Emotion / Emotional Symptom – GRAND DECEPTION / MANIPULATION.

Key Words

  • + Artificial, Fake, False, Deception, Mislead, Trick, Disguise, Lie, Fabricate, Falsify, Manipulate, Exploit, Subvert, Collude, Monstrous Lie ( Multiple Lies ).
  • – Verifying the Facts, Principled, Shrewd, Street Wise.

Lesson – Your true self will always outshine your illusions.

  • Brochinnia help you to realize that your illusions are kept alive by your attempt to manipulate or control reality.
  • Brochinnia help you to see through the lies you tell yourself about the nature of ‘life, self and health’.
  • Brochinnia combine well with Genus Neoregelia, Ochagavia and Hectia.

Botanical Archetype

A ‘Botanical Archetype’ provides background information about a plant family and its effects on the mind / body system.

Botanical Archetypes_Brochinnia

This is the botanical symbol for genus Brochinnia. It is found in all of our books, clinical manuals, flower notes and charts.

Simply cross-reference it to gain deeper insight into the *nature ( *genus ) of the issue ( **species )

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