for Alignment of the Subtle Body. 

Bromeliad Sub-family 2 – Issues with Emotion | Medium Vibration

Canistrum ( Can-iss-trumm ) are a genus made up of 7 species with flowers that coincidently resemble chakras. The genus name is derived from the Greek words ‘kanistron’ ( a basket that is carried on the head ) which aludes to the basket-like flower bract. Canistrum are native to the Atlantic forest biome which is located in south eastern Brazil.

Botanical ArchetypeORIENTATION, Alignment.


  • Shock caused by trauma or accident.
  • Disorientation of the subtle body, leading to a variety of health issues.
  • Habitually leaving your body on mental excursions and never returning to center.

Primary Emotion / Emotional Symptom – SHOCK / TRAUMA.

Key Words

  • + Centered, Aligned, Alignment of the Subtle Body, Chakral Alignment, Wellness.
  • – Shock, Trauma, Accident, Impact, Off Center, Not Yourself, Off Color, Dis-Ease, Illness, Nausea, Sick.

Lesson – The mind and the body are one. Align your mind to your current experience.

  • Canistrum help you to defuse shock and trauma.
  • Canistrum are excellent when working with the aura, chakras and subtle body. They are designed for this type of work.
  • Canistrum combine well with Genus Navia and Puya.

Botanical Archetype

A ‘Botanical Archetype’ provides background information about a plant family and its effects on the mind / body system.

Botanical Archetypes_Canistrum

This is the botanical symbol for genus Canistrum. It is found in all of our books, clinical manuals, flower notes and charts.

Simply cross-reference it to gain deeper insight into the *nature ( *genus ) of the issue ( **species )

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