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Bromeliad Sub-family 1 – Issues with Thought | High Vibration

Tillandsia ( till-and-see-ah ) is the largest genus in the Bromeliad family, making up almost 1/3 of the entire family. Tillandsias are among the most highly evolved plants on the planet. In horticulture they are known as ‘the air plants’, a name given to them because they ‘grow in thin air’ on rocks, trees and even power lines! They are a robust plant group and their habitat ranges from native to the forests, mountains and deserts of Central and South America, the southern United States and the West Indies.

Botanical Archetype – DISSOLUTION ( of Thought, Thought Patterns, Mental Habits ). Deconstruction.

Root IssueFIXATION, Habituation.

  • Habits, addictions and bad habits.
  • Vagueness and concentration issues stemming from too much mental activity.
  • Lack of awareness, understanding because there is no space in the mind to produce insight.

Primary EmotionFIXATION / OBSESSION. Tillandsia are for mental focus-based issues.

Key Words

  • + Dissolving Thought Patterns, Dissolution, Brek Habit, Change of Mind, Awareness, Insight.
  • – Focus, Think About, Concentrate On, Fixate, Obsess Over, Ruminate, Habituate.

Lesson – The mind is a blank canvas. To be painted upon with thought.

  • Tillandsia help to end old thought patterns and break chains-of-thought.
  • Tillandsia untangle mental knots caused when ‘new thoughts are piled on top of old thoughts’ in an attempt to make change.
  • Tillandsia defuse ‘Active Consciousness’ that is out of sync with present reality.

Botanical Archetype

A ‘Botanical Archetype’ provides background information about a plant family and its effects on the mind / body system.

Botanical Archetype_Tillandsia

This is the botanical symbol for genus Tillandsia. It is found in all of our books, clinical manuals, flower notes and charts.

Simply cross-reference it to gain deeper insight into the *nature ( *genus ) of the issue ( **species )

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