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  • What’s Coming in 2018

    Despite it being the holiday season, I have been working on new products that will be released in Q1 of 2018. Albeit I have been working on them at a very relaxed pace.

    New Box Set, “Infinite Mind”

    The biggest product release is the second ( of 3 ) professional box sets and is due for release in February of 2018. Called Skyflowers: Infinite Mind, this set of 25 flower remedies deals with thought patterns, mental confusion and other issues of the mind. This set follows the release of Skyflowers: Higher Ground back in August of 2017, which incidentally is on sale until Jan 1st.

    The flowers used in Infinite Mind differ from the usual ‘flowers for emotional issues’ as they clean up entire lines of thinking and remove multiple emotions from your thought patterns or ‘story’. They basically help you to focus that mind of yours on what you want, rather than what you don’t want and clean up any confusion about life that you have.

    If you are interested in learning more about the box set, then head over to the product page. It’s currently being sold at a discount if you pre-order before January 31st and you will also get some extra bonuses for being an early adopter. Continue Reading

  • Spiritual Forecast for December, 2017

    December 2017 – “Moving On”

    The flower of the month for December 2017 is TransmigrationDyckia brevifolia. While many people know what the word “transformation” means, transmigration is another hidden aspect of the transformative process.

    As something transforms from one state to another or “grows”, it moves forward into a new state and never returns to the old state. In the example of a caterpillar, when it transforms into a butterfly, it never returns to being a caterpillar and has “moved on” permanently. Into a higher state of evolution. Continue Reading

  • Take a Quick Tour


    Recently a customer made the comment that she was enthused by the Skyflowers but found them to be ‘comprehensive‘. Which is a polite way of saying she found our website confusing. So she wanted to take her time choosing flower remedies on this website.

    I can fully understand why a new customer would have this view. While this sounds like a negative, I make no apology for this for one simple reason. The Skyflowers Project is big. We are arguably the most comprehensive, innovative and original research on flower remedies in the world.

    So I expect new customers to be confused. They are confused because they are seeing a level of detail that should be the norm in flower therapy. But sadly, is not. Continue Reading