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  • Skyflowers: Project Roadmap for 2019

    Welcome to the Skyflowers: Project end of year report!

    Before we look at the Skyflowers Project in 2018 and my plans for 2019, let’s go back to 2017 for a moment.

    2017 & the 20th Anniversary

    2017 was an big year for me personally. Two major events happened at nearly the same time.

    The first major event was that 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the Skyflowers Project and my work in natural medicine. ( Yes, the Skyflowers have been around for 20 years! )

    The second major event in 2017 that occurred was the death of my mother, whom I was living with as her carer.

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  • Skyflowers: Starter Set Gets Upgrade

    $249.00 $199.00 Add to cart

    The Skyflowers: Starter Set was released just 2 weeks ago and has been a smashing success. The set has received the highest response out of any product launch over the last 21 years. We have had some popular product releases but this one beats them by far.

    This post is about 3 updates to the Starter Set. Yes, it’s been out 2 weeks and it’s already getting an update!

    In fact, this is the first in a series of updates planned for the Starter Set!

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  • Skyflowers: Starter Set for Kinesiology… New!

    I have some exciting news! Behold the Skyflowers: Starter Set, the 4th box set in our range!

    Skyflowers: Starter Set

    The Skyflowers: Starter Set contains 25 of the most commonly used flower remedies in our range. Think of it like a “greatest hits collection”.

    The set is designed to cover the most common corrections in kinesiology & natural therapies and is good for students and professionals alike. It’s a well rounded toolkit that covers a lot of issues.

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  • Australian Kinesiology Conference 2017, Quick Update

    This is just a quick update because I spent most of last night in the emergency ward at the hospital with my mum, so I am twice-as-exhausted after the weekend. I plan to release quite a bit of extra information over the next week to do with the conference so stay tuned.

    There will be videos answering the most common questions I got, a video debrief of my experience at the epic event and a special ‘souvenir edition’ of my presentation, “Integrating Kinesiology & Flower Therapy” for those who couldn’t make it.

    For now, I just wanted to post a link to the slideshow as I saw many people taking photos, so here they are.

  • Conference Paper Gives Birth To “Clinical Flower Therapy” eBooks

    As I approach the deadline for publishing my conference paper in the New Zealand and also the Australian kinesiology journals, it has become apparent that it needs to be published in long form and put on public sale.

    Right now, I am still wrestling with the text ahead of the deadline for both journals. Which is August 1st. While the New Zealand presentation takes place at the end of August, the Australian lecture doesn’t happen until late October. Despite the gap between the two conferences, the deadline is the same for each. August 1st. Continue Reading

  • Integrating Kinesiology & Flower Therapy

    Here is my presentation for the Australian and New Zealand kinesiology conferences. I have been accepted for the New Zealand program and have just submitted for the Australian one. The lecture is an extract from my forthcoming workshop and book on Clinical Flower Therapy. The chapter is called ‘Integrating Flower Therapy Into Other Health Care Systems ( Without Losing Any Of The Original Technique. )” Continue Reading

  • Two Websites. One High Standard.

    The Campaign

    The picture above, says it all. It sums up my campaign to bring a high(er) standard to flower therapy. In terms of education standards. In terms of research. In terms of how flower therapy is practiced.

    When I first started the Skyflowers Project in 1997, I only wanted to create a custom-made toolkit for myself to use in my clinic. Made from plants that I knew well and loved. That was the original intention.

    Then in 2003, I made an amazing discovery which turned the project into something more than ‘selling few flower remedies’. This discovery made me realize that I was giving birth to the next generation of plant medicine. And creating a whole new way of practicing plant medicine. This was an impactful event on my life because I could see the wide ramifications of bringing it to the world. and how it affected everything related to plant medicine. This was big and a challenge to deal with.

    Then in 2015, I gave birth to another project. It was a website that focused on flower therapy itself, not flower remedies. Clinical Flower Therapy was born to bring a higher standard to the practice of flower therapy. And a higher standard of education by bringing plant studies & the art of botanical diagnosis back into flower therapy. Traditional methods sadly lacking from modern flower therapy.

    This is the reason for the ad above. To raise standards in flower therapy. And raise awareness that I have two websites and not just this one.

    Get Behind The Campaign

    1. Share this page on social media.
    2. Check out the Botanical Research / Flower Selector to see ‘the next generation of plant medicine’.
    3. Visit Clinical Flower Therapy and read the industry guidelines for a higher standard of education and practice of flower therapy.
  • Why You Should Work With Plants You Love

    Brendan Rohan in the Garden

    Everyone has their favourite flowers, plants and trees that they absolutely love. For some people it’s a perfumed red rose or the yellow trumpet of Winter daffodils, while others love sitting in the shade of an old oak tree while reading a good book. When you ask someone what their favourite flower is, they usually have at least one and often will tell you a story of their emotional connection to it.

    If you were to ask me the same question you would get an answer that will take anywhere from an hour to an afternoon to tell. The reason is that I don’t have a single favourite flower and find it hard to pick just one from my list of ‘favorites’!

    You see I have a plant addiction and have been collecting plants for my garden since I was a child. The truth is I have been bringing home box loads of plants from plant nurseries, gardens I have inspected and from friends houses since time immemorial. My mania for plants is over-the-top. Don’t try to cure me of it because you won’t.

    For an example of my extremity, when I was 12 I owned a herb garden with 117 different types of culinary and medicinal herbs, all catalogued for easy reference, storage and use. I sourced the plants from local nurseries, school carnivals and local markets and peddled home with them on my bike. Since that time I have dabbled in various plant groups – roses, rare fruits, heirloom vegetables and other strange plants.

    You could say that gardening is ‘in the blood’ but this falls short of a proper explanation of my obsessive plant mania. If you look at the picture above, you will see what I mean. These are the plants I bought from a plant show. Yes, that’s the haul from one plant show! ( Let’s not talk about my spending on eBay! )

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