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  • Why You Should Work With Plants You Love

    Brendan Rohan in the Garden

    Everyone has their favourite flowers, plants and trees that they absolutely love. For some people it’s a perfumed red rose or the yellow trumpet of Winter daffodils, while others love sitting in the shade of an old oak tree while reading a good book. When you ask someone what their favourite flower is, they usually have at least one and often will tell you a story of their emotional connection to it.

    If you were to ask me the same question you would get an answer that will take anywhere from an hour to an afternoon to tell. The reason is that I don’t have a single favourite flower and find it hard to pick just one from my list of ‘favorites’!

    You see I have a plant addiction and have been collecting plants for my garden since I was a child. The truth is I have been bringing home box loads of plants from plant nurseries, gardens I have inspected and from friends houses since time immemorial. My mania for plants is over-the-top. Don’t try to cure me of it because you won’t.

    For an example of my extremity, when I was 12 I owned a herb garden with 117 different types of culinary and medicinal herbs, all catalogued for easy reference, storage and use. I sourced the plants from local nurseries, school carnivals and local markets and peddled home with them on my bike. Since that time I have dabbled in various plant groups – roses, rare fruits, heirloom vegetables and other strange plants.

    You could say that gardening is ‘in the blood’ but this falls short of a proper explanation of my obsessive plant mania.┬áIf you look at the picture above, you will see what I mean. These are the plants I bought from a plant show. Yes, that’s the haul from one plant show! ( Let’s not talk about my spending on eBay! )

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