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  • 9th Edition ‘Overhauled’, Starter Set ‘Upgraded’

    Wow, we seem to have slipped into a new year and kept on running. Personally, I had a great ‘low key’ Christmas season. I worked half days all through the holiday season and to be honest, have been just as productive with my time.

    The reason I kept working during the holiday season is because there is a list of products that will be rolling out in Q1 of 2019 and I wanted to keep on top of it.

    Upgrades & Updates

    As I wrote about in the 2019 roadmap, I have made plans for the long-term future and the eventual creation of the Skyflowers Foundation. A library of books and resources on Clinical Flower Therapy designed to educate on the governance, teaching & practice of flower therapy.

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  • Emergency Remedy Released For Those Upset By US Elections


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    It appears that many people have been thrown into a spin and are shocked with the result of the election results in America. The announcement has unseated many people in the spiritual / self development community. From the comments I have seen on social media, I can see a wave of emotion moving through the collective and a full scale projection of anxiety has begun.

    To ease the distress, I have created an emergency blend of flower remedies called #Elections2016. Which is the official hashtag on Twitter.

    The blend contains…

    • Spanish Moss – Loneliness, Isolation and Trust Issues. + Connection.
    • Humility – Pride, Inhumanity. + Human.
    • Community – Anti Social, Inhospitable. + Society.
    • Flaming Sword – Currently Under Research, “Secret Sauce” but you can get the general properties of this plant group here. Clear Thinking.
    • Pink Star – Tragedy, Traumatized. + Joy, Release of the Past.

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