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    December 2018

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  • What’s Coming in 2018

    Despite it being the holiday season, I have been working on new products that will be released in Q1 of 2018. Albeit I have been working on them at a very relaxed pace.

    New Box Set, “Infinite Mind”

    The biggest product release is the second ( of 3 ) professional box sets and is due for release in February of 2018. Called Skyflowers: Infinite Mind, this set of 25 flower remedies deals with thought patterns, mental confusion and other issues of the mind. This set follows the release of Skyflowers: Higher Ground back in August of 2017, which incidentally is on sale until Jan 1st.

    The flowers used in Infinite Mind differ from the usual ‘flowers for emotional issues’ as they clean up entire lines of thinking and remove multiple emotions from your thought patterns or ‘story’. They basically help you to focus that mind of yours on what you want, rather than what you don’t want and clean up any confusion about life that you have.

    If you are interested in learning more about the box set, then head over to the product page. It’s currently being sold at a discount if you pre-order before January 31st and you will also get some extra bonuses for being an early adopter. Continue Reading

  • Spiritual Forecast for June 2017 – “Relationship to All Things”

    Last month, the forecast looked at the Star of Venezuela and the problems caused when the mind separates ‘this’ from ‘that’, ‘me’ from ‘world’ and my ‘human self’ from a ‘higher self’. While it is handy to be able to differentiate things, the problem is that we live in that broken state and lose sight of the bigger picture ( purpose ), our sense of belonging and our oneness with all things.

    Right Here, Right Now

    Now in June, your close relationship to all people and to all creation comes under the microscope. Challenging the way you think and highlighting how you have severed relationships to people we don’t like and distanced ourselves from the happiness we seek. Continue Reading

  • Spiritual Forecast for May 2017

    May is a tricky month spiritually and will take some navigating. In that light, this months spiritual forecast will be split into 3 parts.

    1. Deep in the Shadows – In part 1 of this 3-part video we look at the deep, subconscious stuff stirring in the collective mind in early May and the need to be open and receptive. The mind will try to fill the space, grasp for clues and blame different causes. When the true cause is the mind itself. The aim of this video is to become receptive ( passive ) to the subconscious material and allow it to speak deeper truth. Avoid ‘active’ thought processes and taking any action other than noticing and gathering information at this stage.
    2. The Rising Shadow – Later in the month I will post part 2 which is about how people will project this disturbance onto all kinds of sources, other than the real culprit. Their own disturbing views of reality held in thought and in consciousness. This will ignite a shadow war and escalation as the disturbance continues to rise and make itself know. And the ego casts further blame, distaste and negativity on what essentially is, another side of oneself. Externals will be blamed to avoid responsibility.
    3. The Shadow Owned – Then in part 3, we will look at ‘shadow combat’, the friction caused by the integration process of this shadow side and look at the very real impact demonizing and ignoring this stuff has had on our lives. This process may result in a world event erupting as the collective mind deals with its stuff.

    Part 2 of this video will be posted mid May. Continue Reading

  • Skyflowers.Tv [015] – A Common Mistake When Exploring Spirituality, Self Help & Natural Therapies

    In this episode I talk about ‘safely exploring’ concepts like spirituality and the dangers of taking on board everything you read in self help books.

    And why reality is your best friend when it comes to building up an understanding of the mysteries of life.

  • Spiritual Forecast for April, 2017

    In this months spiritual forecast we look at ‘enjoyment of life’ and how the issues from our past stop us from living in this moment.

    Flower of the Month

    Pink Star

    Issues This Month

    1) Blaming the past for current problems.
    2) Looking outside of this moment for answers and what you need.
    3) Being troubled by your past, when in fact, you are troubled by your thinking based on that past.

    What To Do

    1) Take ownership of your reality.
    2) Reflect on the role you are playing.
    3) Look at the role(s) you have taken on in the past and whether those postures are healthy for you.

  • Choosing Flower Remedies for Kinesiology

    In this episode of Skyflowers.Tv, I take you on a tour of the Skyflowers and show you the special section of the shop dedicated to energy kinesiology. Covers flower selection for children, emergencies, heart/brain ( such as Applied Physiology, Brain Gym & LEAP ), lifestyle & spirituality.

    If you need help choosing flower remedies that match your style of work, email me at and I will send you my recommendations.

  • Why “Australian Kinesiology Week” Needs to Go International

    Welcome to Kinesiology Week, March 13th-19th, 2017!

    Since 1996, I have worked in the field of energy kinesiology and taken a variety of roles. I have coached many students in their studies, worked on business plans for many practitioners, I have promoted kinesiology to the public on almost a daily basis in my work at Equilibrium book shop and have guided a lot  people to take up the study kinesiology. I have even spoken at 3 kinesiology conferences.

    Kinesiology is a wonderful tool and has a lot of potential in improving the health care system.

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  • How ( and Why ) I Started in Kinesiology & Flower Therapy – Part 1

    The story of Brendan Rohan, founder of the Skyflowers. The story behind my career and the events that lead me to the study of energy kinesiology in 1996.

  • Spiritual Forecast for March 2017

    In this months spiritual forecast we look at the theme of ‘transformation’ and the natural closure that comes to the events in our lives.

  • Skyflowers.Tv [002] – Prisoners of the Mind

    Episode 2 is a short, unscripted documentary filmed at the Port Arthur, Tasmania convict settlement. I was holidaying in the area decided to road test my new GoPro camera that I had bought to film Skyflowers.Tv. As Port Arthur is an amazing historical site ( and also the site of the infamous shootings in 1996 that killed 35 people ), I decided to film an episode there. Continue Reading

  • Filming in Tasmania for Skyflowers.Tv

    Just a quick post about my forthcoming trip to Tasmania. Tasmania is Australias southern most state and is home to some of the worlds most pristine wilderness. I will be spending 2 weeks there on vacation and I am quite excited as I have never been there. I will on holidays but I will also film some episodes for Skyflowers.Tv on the aforementioned GoPro camera. So expect my usual ‘all plants, no people’ footage upon my return.

    There is only one way to teach flower therapy. Using live plants.

    As a result of my trip, the shop will be closed from February 4th to the 18th, 2017. And orders will be delayed.

  • Skyflowers in 2017

    2017 is a special year for me. August 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of The Skyflowers Project. Quite frankly I can’t believe it’s been that long since I started making flower remedies in my garden in 1997.

    The theme of this year is ‘Intelligence’ and so I only thought it fitting to dedicate this year to ‘higher standards’ of thinking and flower therapy.

    Looking at what is planned in 2017, these projects are in the pipeline.
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  • Skyflowers.Tv Ad – “”

    A sneak peek at the graphics for the forthcoming Skyflowers eTv! series.

    It’s still ( very ) early days of production. While I am learning the animation software ( Apple Motion 5 ), I thought I would begin creating some logos and end credit animations.

    You can read about the show and the 2016 pilot series here or at Or for those who wish to, you can sponsor the series here at http://Www.Patreon/Skyflowers

  • Skyflowers.Tv! #Kickstarter

    PatreonWhile I have dabbled in video production over the years and played around with many graphics programs, I am thinking of publishing videos as part of the service I offer.

    Skyflowers eTv! will comprise of ‘several different shows’, some funny and some educational that are hosted on YouTube. If you need a concept, the collection of different shows can be described as ‘serious education meets Wayne’s World’. The channel can be directly accessed via Www.Skyflowers.TV.

    The main drive to create videos is that it is the perfect medium to document the variety of teachings, research, etc. Video also allows you to create an archive of footage that can be drawn upon well into the future. As much as I love teaching workshops and classes, those events have come and gone and the material is lost to history. Continue Reading