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  • KANZ Conference Wrap Up

    The Kinesiology Association of New Zealand held its annual conference at the weekend. It was good to catch up with friends from last year.

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  • NZ Kinesiology Conference Just 1 Month Away…

    Presenting at AKA 2017

    I just wanted to say hi and touch base with KANZ conference delegates before the conference as there are some ‘extras’ I wanted to share. Currently I’m busy preparing for my presentation, “Emotion: Islands in the Stream of Consciousness”… as well as moving house ( and my 40 year old plant collection ). As well as doing all the other stuff that life demands!

    So there’s a lot happening right now. Talk about emotional times lol!

    I wrote about my plans for my NZ trip here and also wrote a post about the challenge of writing the presentation. Which is an intro to the presentation, so if you’re attending the conference, you may want to read it as a primer to get the background story.

    Aside from my presentation, I will also be doing a special 1/2 hour ‘Introduction to the Skyflowers‘ at KANZ for anyone interested in learning more about the range and also Clinical Flower Therapy. That’s a free talk outside of the official conference program that delegates can attend during the weekend.

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  • 2018 Workshops

    December 2018

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  • Skyflowers: Infinite Mind, Pro Charts, New Releases & More!

    Wow. My mind is blown. Believe me, I have seen a lot when it comes to researching flower remedies. And it takes a lot to blow my mind but I think I have successfully achieved it. Mother nature has surprised me, yet again.

    After a long, long time on the drawing board, a whole bunch of new products have all decided to land all at once. Within a very short span of time. Which does not surprise me as the remedies I have been working on are for ‘high speed mental processing’… Continue Reading

  • Australian Kinesiology Conference 2017, Quick Update

    This is just a quick update because I spent most of last night in the emergency ward at the hospital with my mum, so I am twice-as-exhausted after the weekend. I plan to release quite a bit of extra information over the next week to do with the conference so stay tuned.

    There will be videos answering the most common questions I got, a video debrief of my experience at the epic event and a special ‘souvenir edition’ of my presentation, “Integrating Kinesiology & Flower Therapy” for those who couldn’t make it.

    For now, I just wanted to post a link to the slideshow as I saw many people taking photos, so here they are.

  • Integrating Kinesiology & Flower Therapy

    Here is my presentation for the Australian and New Zealand kinesiology conferences. I have been accepted for the New Zealand program and have just submitted for the Australian one. The lecture is an extract from my forthcoming workshop and book on Clinical Flower Therapy. The chapter is called ‘Integrating Flower Therapy Into Other Health Care Systems ( Without Losing Any Of The Original Technique. )” Continue Reading

  • 3 Ways to Test Your Self Development


    In my mind, there is a big difference between ‘self help’ and real self development. The reason I make the distinction is because self help has lost its focus. It has become ‘an endless treadmill of inner work’ or ‘a feel good thing’ for many people. Often self help is mixed with ‘new age’ spiritual concepts which only confuses the objective even more.

    Is it about dealing with emotional issues? Is it about being healthy? Is it about being spiritual, whatever that is? Real self development is very clear in its goal. It is about ‘developing yourself’ and maturing as a human being. Self help is not so clear in its goal.

    Here are 3 ways you can test your development and whether you are on the right track. Continue Reading