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Sub-Family 1: The Air Plants

25 Remedies. 2 Genera

High-Grade Thinking, Leadership, Mental Clarity.

Coming May 1st, 2018






Sub-Family 2: The Forest Bromeliads

25 Remedies. 8 Genera

Bold Action, Passion, Emotional Resilience.



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Sub-Family 3: The Ancestral Bromeliads

25 Remedies. 11 Genera.

Overcoming ‘Karmic’ Issues, Present, Dealing with Reality.

The System

The Skyflowers use a system called “Botanical Archetypes” to help you get precise results in your clinical work. They are based upon the botanical classification of the 21 plant groups used in our range.

Look out for them in all of our books, charts and website. Even our bottles have them!

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