Effectively Clearing Toxins from Your Body

Cleanse Your Mind. Detoxify Your Body.

The new Bio-Hazards & Toxicity Test Kit contains 3 amazing flower remedies to use when testing for food sensitivities, toxicity & bio-hazards like EMF. It’s perfect to use with kinesiology muscle testing.

The kit contains.

  • Bolivian Air Plant – For sensitivities amplified by toxic thinking, corrosive attitudes & emotionally charged belief systems. This flower deals with the mental component and susceptibility, which I will explain below.
  • Green Carpet Bromeliad – For eliminating toxins whether they be toxic thought, toxic emotions or toxins in your body. Moderates, manages and brings things under control.
  • Sapphire Tower – For detecting subtle disturbances in the mind/body system that you are accustomed to as normal thinking or bodily operations. Picks up deep issues. From a plant group that deals with rehabilitation.

Effective Treatment

When dealing with food sensitivities or eliminating toxins, natural therapists have a wide range of tools and techniques to do so. However, while the techniques vary, I have noticed that there is a tendency to blame the substance for 100% of the problem, apply a technique and then “close the case”.

For example, if there is an issue with EMF ( electro magnetic frequencies ) from a mobile phone, often the view is that the mobile device and EMF is the sole, source of the problem. The phone is causing a health issue and that’s that. There’s no further inspection of the issue as the culprit appears to have been caught.

In my work, I have found that the physical ingredient is only part of the problem.

While exposure issues are real and can be quite impactful on your health, you also have to check the mental body, your attitudes and beliefs about the toxin in question.

These things factor into the equation when detoxifying your mind/body system.

The impact of thought is under estimated and a great emphasis is placed on the physical body. Not the mental body and what it contributes to the problem. It is very interesting to notice the thought processes that exists alongside the toxin you are clearing. For often the mental attitude or belief system is counter productive to a clear system.

Mental Dieting

Why bother with the mental body at all? Given that the mind focuses mental ( life ) energy, it’s important to do a health check to see what’s circulating in the mental body at the same time as the physical body.

When working with clients and their toxicity issues, your aim is to clear toxic thoughts, toxic emotions and toxins from the body. Clearing the issue from all levels of their being, not just their body.

When clearing toxins, it’s good to ask questions to and not just focus on the physical substance because it matches your belief system. After all it’s easy to hate mobile phones, food additives and mercury fillings. No one in natural medicine has a love of those things, therefore there is a strong bias that you need to overcome as a professional therapist.

Asking Questions, Raising Awareness

If you dig a little deeper, ask a few questions and raise some awareness around the subject, you often find an attitude in your client, an affirmation that “weakens” them. “Mobile phone radiation is harmful” is not just a statement. To your body, it’s a command. A statement of reality.

In extreme cases, when you ask questions you sometimes find a corrosive, if not venomous, attitude towards mobile phones, etc. A hatred. An anger and hostility because “it is so very dangerous”. The person will go into a tirade and spew all kinds of angry commentary and boil with emotion, as another example.

In such cases, their emotional reaction is the real problem and the EMF is a smaller, side issue. The exposure problems they are suffering from is internal, not necessarily external.

I’ve seen this many times.

When this happens, the client usually doesn’t connect with the fact their attitude may be a health problem or is disturbing the delicate balance of their mind/body system. In such cases, anger is justified as healthy. Despite it being an explosive, volatile emotion circulating in their system!

In the case of cola drinks, you often find an acidic, corrosive attitude that is worse than the drink itself!

When there is a toxicity issue, you very often find a highly charged, emotional reaction at the root of a “healthy belief”. And an affirmation that confirms a harmful side effect. The problem the toxin causes is only one side of the problem. The persons mind is the other side.

Here are some common beliefs that are toxic.

  • I.e. “Mobile phones are toxic to your health, smoking will kill you, cola drinks are bad for you, etc.”

The problem with these beliefs is that they are not “a harmonious statement of health”. They are the reverse. They are negatively charged emotional energy embedded into your belief system, part of your health program and therefore, lifestyle. Circulating and recirculating around the subtle body and given a free pass to do so.

Check on this concept and test the theory for yourself. Don’t just take my word for it. Ask yourself, “is there a consequence to thought?”

Treating the Mental, Emotional & Physical Body

In my clinical work, I look at health issues like they are a sandwich made up of 3 layers. There is the mental layer of thoughts, there’s the emotional layer of actions & behaviours based on those thoughts and then there’s the physical layer that is the result of those behaviours.

You treat all layers. Equally. No matter what the problem is.

When it comes to bio-hazards and clearing toxins, always check for the mental component when testing for allergies, sensitivities and disturbances to your body. This is something often overlooked as part of treatment.

While EMF has an impact, you may find that a considerable percentage of the issue is really caused by toxic thought and a belief system that “opens the door” to harm and amplifies the impact. A ‘coating’ of added emotion that surrounds the actual physical portion of the problem.

An affirmation that the thing can and does have an adverse impact. A hardline view driven deep into your biology.

Exposure is one thing. There are tangible effects, I agree. But your mental attitude may make you more susceptible, more sensitive than you otherwise might be. Your mental body may be programming your cells with additional effects that are not native to the thing you are exposed to.

While it is good to balance the body to the substance and balance your energy to the bio-hazard or toxin, you also need to address the mental part of the problem. You need to clean out the beliefs and attitudes.

Fine, toxins are toxins to your body. But you don’t have to be so vehement about cola drinks, food additives or mobile phones. Ease back on the mental force and the emotions you are driving into your biology!

If you are serious about clearing toxins, the negatively charged thought (re)circulating in the mind/body system needs to be eliminated for effective toxin clearing & to remove the last remnants of the problem. Otherwise, the catalyst for the same problem later still exists.

It’s a puzzle. How do you maintain your health without referring to negatives? This is a puzzle that only you can solve. To do so you may have to set aside the cultural beliefs that belong to natural medicine about toxins and examine things fresh. And objectively.

The moral of the story is that the mind is a powerful thing. And there are consequences to thinking.

Your belief systems may open the door to harm, amplify the issue or even resurrect the problem later on, after the toxin is cleared from the body.

The key to clearing toxins from your body is to start by clearing the toxins from your mind. Start there.

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