We are publishing new material & creating a study guide to the Skyflowers. We hope to finish the upgrade in early ’21.

The new “basic training” tutorials are indexed into categories and can be found in the top navigation of this website. Each tutorial provides a one-page overview of a particular topic and is designed to give you a clear concept… but with a minimum of text.

Each lesson is designed to start your journey of understanding and exploration.

Getting Started

Enter the world of the Skyflowers and learn about the properties of the Pineapple family, the 21 plant groups and how to get the most out of the Skyflowers.

Choosing Your Toolkit

In these tutorials we help you choose the right set of tools for your clinical style. We take a look at the Skyflowers: Starter Set and our thematic box sets.

Designing Combination Remedies

These lessons teach you how to design combination remedies using the 21 plant groups. Learn about the affirmation flowers, the action flowers & the self sabotage flowers and create a custom-made remedy to suit any issue.

Emotional Care & Crisis

In this part, we look at the Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid set, how to deal with a healing crisis and explore the emotions dictionary.

Kinesiology & Natural Therapies

In this section, we explore the use of flower remedies in popular modalities such as kinesiology and list the best products that suit a variety of clinical styles.

Skyflowers: Pro System

In this tutorials, we explore the Skyflowers: Pro System and the modular design of the box sets in the pro series.

The Mental Body ( 1 Box Set )

This first set of lessons covers the use of high vibration flower remedies to treat thought patterns & problem thinking.

The Emotional Body ( 3 Box Sets )

Next we explore the use of mid(dle) vibration flower remedies to treat emotional issues & destructive behaviours based on them.

The Physical ( Karmic ) Body ( 1 Box Set )

Finally, we explore the use of (s)low vibration grounding flower remedies to treat long-term or karmic issues that affect your reality.

The Skyflowers Project

Finally, we look at the Skyflowers Project and how we are creating a body of work for future generations to build upon.

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