International Kinesiology Week 2019

Since it’s National Kinesiology Week, I thought I’d update you on the Skyflowers Project and the Roadmap for 2019. This update has a focus on energy kinesiology as there are a few things in the pipeline that kinesiologists may be interested in. Including some special offers on box sets & test kits that are at the bottom of this post.

International Kinesiology Week ~ 11-17th March 2019

Firstly, it would be remiss of me not to mention that National Kinesiology Week is on again in Australia. The event is designed to bring awareness to the practice of energy kinesiology & the health benefits of energy balancing.

Kinesiology week has a program of events & special offers by kinesiology practitioners from all around Australia. This year, the Australian Kinesiology Association has even moved the date of their annual conference from October to March to coincide with kinesiology week. Which is a great idea.

Rather than repeat last years post, I would like to repeat my call for the week to become International Kinesiology Week and go beyond the borders of Australia. As kinesiology is an internationally recognised health modality, it makes sense to co-ordinate with other countries and turn it into an international event. Thereby resulting in a renewed excitement & energy in the international kinesiology community.

Bio-Hazards & Toxicity Test Kit.

20% off. See bottom of post.

In the long run, I’d like to see a “7 day online conference” created whereby anyone around the world can watch livestreams, mini workshops & pre-recorded tutorials. In a schedule of events that lasts for 7 straight days. Ambitiously, the AKA could even livestream their conference to the web. Which would not be that hard to do given the current technology.

These are all big picture things, but suffice to say an international week would be healthy for the growth of energy kinesiology.

Read more about National Kinesiology Week on the Australian Kinesiology website.

Sponsorship Program: $10,000 to be Distributed in 2019

Since I began studying kinesiology in 1997, I’ve been actively involved in the field. I’ve practiced as a kinesiologist, presented lectures at kinesiology conferences, designed sets of flower remedies for kinesiology & even worked for 15 years in the worlds biggest kinesiology bookshop – Michael Wild’s, Equilibrium.

Having spoken to several thousand ( literally ) natural therapy students, kinesiology practitioners and instructors over the past 2 decades, I’ve provided support in a variety of forms. Whether it be choosing the right book for them to read, ‘spiritual pep talks’ or providing a free set of flower remedies here and there, I’ve always gotten a lot out of supporting the community.

This year I’d like to formalize that support and kick off the Skyflowers: Sponsorship Program. An idea that I have had in the pipeline for years and now wish to roll out. The aim of the program is to provide tangible support to the kinesiology and natural health community. This year I’ve “put my money where my mouth is” and allocated $10,000 AUD to the program and will be sponsoring students with product, training & other services – i.e. mentoring, career advice, product development, etc.

The scope of the program ( for now ) will focus on providing support to the following 3 categories.

  • Single parents & low-income earners who are financially stretched by want to learn kinesiology. They will get kickstarter packages for natural therapy students to help get their careers off the ground.
  • Return to work after long term illness.
  • Humanitarian projects and exceptional work in the community. Such as practicing in a hospital or working with the homeless.

So far in 2019, I’ve already distributed $2,500 worth of product and career advice and will be distributing more shortly. So stay tuned to our newsletter and social media.

In future, the sponsorship program will expand to include other categories. Kinesiology schools will eventually be able to apply for student toolkits to use in their practice clinics. Also research & development, an often ignored sector of the natural health community, will get some love and be supported. Believe me, I know how hard it is to get a company & a world class research project off the ground! It’s tough!

The Skyflowers: Sponsorship Program is one of the features I’d like to build into The Skyflowers Foundation. Along with (a) the guidelines for governing Clinical Flower Therapy, (b) the education library, (c) the botanical research division and of course, (d) the product people can buy. Include (e) the sponsorship program and that’s essentially my 100 year plan!

For now, my focus will be on support of low-income earners and helping them get their careers off the ground. I remember starting out and how expensive it can be. One of the main reasons I created the Skyflowers is because I couldn’t afford to buy a set of flower remedies ( I was that lowly paid ) so I designed my own toolkit ( which took me 20 years lol )!

The Skyflowers: Sponsorship Program is now open. You can nominate someone for sponsorship by email us at Please provide their name, contact details and 25 words or less about why they deserve to be sponsored.

Later this year, natural therapy schools & registered instructors will be able to apply for support packages but the details of this have not be finalised. Drop me an email to register your interest.

Project Update: March 2019

Despite the fact I am in the middle of moving house, the Skyflowers office and my 40 year old plant collection, I am still working on new products. Albeit at a reduced pace.

As mentioned in the previous section, I’m launching the Skyflowers: Sponsorship Program which will expand over time. This will very much be part of the the Skyflowers Foundation and is part of my “100 year plan” to establish a library for future generations to use & build upon.

That’s the big picture stuff. In the near future, there are a couple of things on the horizon.

On the drawing board ( although slightly delayed by a couple of months due to moving office / house ) is the 2nd edition of Emotions for Kinesiology. I’m excited about this one. The 2nd edition will contain 500 rare emotions, mental complexes and specialized terminology and will double the amount of definitions that were in the 1st edition.

The Human Mind. Clearly Defined.

The 1st edition was drawn from my work on the Skyflowers flower remedies and focused on the common language in natural therapies and ironed out the terminology used in ‘new age religion’. The 2nd edition takes a more pragmatic direction and focuses one the most ignored aspects of self development – money, investment & financial planning.

All of the new terminology is what I came across when working on my “100 year plan” and how to fund the Skyflowers Foundation after my life is over. There are some great definitions that clarifies everything from personal money management to world economic theories. Giving you a greater awareness of how the world works.

Early bird pricing and release dates will be announced shortly.

Professionalism Starts Here.

Once work on the dictionary is done, then I will be writing the 200 page Skyflowers: Starter Set Clinical Manual. It will be at least 200 pages as each of the 25 flower remedies will have 8 ‘scan chart’ pages devoted to them and will includes a wide range of information about each remedy including questions to ask your client, affirmations and the usual positive and negative properties. This will be released in about September or October at this stage.

Other products are in the pipeline, including a new box set with a completely different theme than the ones already released. I’m not ready to reveal details on this one just yet. Expect it sometime before mid-year.

Kinesiology Week Specials ( Ends March 17th )

20% off these two box sets. The first is for general practice and the second is for karmic issues.

Test Kits ( Extra 20% Off )

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