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Kinesiology Conference 2017

A Presentation that Celebrates 20 years of The Skyflowers Project.


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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Skyflowers Project, I will be presenting a series of lectures on Clinical Flower Therapy and what I have learned in the past 2 decades of clinical work.

Part 1 – The Power of Kinesiology

In part 1, we will look at “the power of kinesiology”. We will ‘look down the microscope’ and pause-to-explore the very moment a flower remedy tests up in a kinesiology balance. Have you ever wondered what is really happening? How much information is passing between the client and the therapist in that split second?

This presentation is about exploring the vast amount of diagnostic information a kinesiologist has at their finger tips and how just one muscle test tells you everything you need to know about your client – “from issue to aftercare.”

Part 2 – The Art of Flower Therapy

In part 2, we will look at flower therapy from a gardeners perspective and learn why you need to “change gears” from the kinesiology model whenever a flower remedy tests up.

Topics Include

  • Botanical diagnosis and the principles of plant medicine.
  • Working with plant remedies and why you need to know the plants inside the bottle.
  • “The doctrine of signatures”. Why an “antique philosophy from the 1700’s” that is rarely taught today is actually the beating heart of flower therapy.
  • Plant characteristics. What they mean and how the study of  plants teaches you the secrets of human emotion.
  • How to read ‘mother natures instructions’ so that you use flower remedies ‘the way nature intended’. Safely and effectively.
  • How each flower remedy sets a different tone for the entire balance. Telling you what to do. And what to avoid.
  • How every remedy provides ‘warnings and special care instructions’ that the practitioner needs to know before applying a remedy.

To illustrate these points, we will look at several flower remedies in depth.

Part 3 – Professionalism

In part 3, we will look at professional flower therapy and how to blend kinesiology and flower therapy together without losing any of the original techniques.

  • Professionalism in flower therapy and why plant knowledge is important to the proper care of your client.
  • Preparing for treatment and why the therapist needs to adjust their own ‘emotional posture’ before they adjust their clients.
  • Education of your client. How to turn a subconscious muscle test into conscious information that the client can relate to and use to their advantage.
  • Bad habits and common mistakes in flower therapy.
  • The latest botanical research and what it means to the future of natural medicine as a whole.

As mentioned earlier, all of this information is obtained by using just one muscle test. One.

Further reading, links and free training videos on Clinical Flower Therapy will also be supplied.

Can’t Make the Conference?

A special 2 hour extended version of this presentation will be held for those unable to attend the conference. See ‘Tour Dates’ tab above for more information.


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Tour Dates

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September 2017 ~ TBA


October 2017

TBA – Melbourne ~ “Integrating Kinesiology & Flower Therapy” ~ 2 Hour Presentation

TBA – Melbourne ~ “Introduction to the Skyflowers” ~ 2 Hour Presentation

Oct 20-22, 2017 – Melbourne Kinesiology Conference ( To Be Confirmed )


November 2017 ~ Extra NZ Dates TBA

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Complete with its Own Diagnostic System.”

Brendan Rohan – Founder of the Skyflowers

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