“My Account” Gets Facelift, Now “Study Center”

There’s a lot going on in the Skyflowers office at the moment. At the time of writing, National Kinesiology Week is on in Australia. To coincide with the event, we launched the Skyflowers: Sponsorship Program for students and are running a competition ( which gets drawn later today ).

Meanwhile, I am packing to move house and my collection of plants. So there’s a lot going on.

One of the more minor, but still newsworthy, changes being made at the moment is that your My Account page has been upgraded. To be honest I have been meaning to upgrade the page for ages and as it’s not a page I use to log into my own account as admin, it got overlooked.

Recently, due to a software bug and customers sending me support tickets, I became aware of the page again and decided to make some radical changes to it. Namely because it was bland and not very useful.

The picture at the top of the page shows the changes I have made. Other than the cosmetic changes and color added, I’ve added several modules that turn it into an “activity” center and also some things to help onboard new customers. So when you log in, you can see recent social media posts, blog articles, trending products and other up-to-date information about The Skyflowers Project.

Navigation & Links

As the top navigation bar contains all the links you need, I won’t repeat them on your account page. Rather, I will find some interesting product information to display and maybe set up some “how to guides” so the page becomes a proper study center.

Having said this, the top navigation bar will be upgraded soon as well.

There will be a new Company section, with a tour and links to the different aspects of The Skyflowers Project such as the new Partnerships page. Which will contain several programs like the Skyflowers: Sponsorship Program for students and others where the community can get involved in the project.

There will also be a new Therapy section added to the Product Guides. This section will list the relevant flower remedies that match different natural therapies, modalities and styles of kinesiology. Such as flowers for counselling & life coaching, flowers for children and a range of other themes. The aim is to short-list the right products that match your clinical work.

That’s the top navigation and the coming changes that will be made.

As to the My Account page, I will add more modules and tweak the design over time. As this website runs on a database, it means I can display all kinds of interesting facts & figures. I will continue to work on it over time and turn the page into a proper launch pad for the study of the Skyflowers & Clinical Flower Therapy.

The release of the Skyflowers: Starter Set ( back in November ) & the launch of the Skyflowers: Sponsorship Program in March are part of a bigger plan. Foundations are being set up for the future and is part of my “100 year plan” that I wrote about in the Roadmap for 2019.

Stay tuned for more.

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