In 2019, we have allocated $10,000 AUD to help students start their careers.

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Skyflowers: Sponsorship Program

The aim of the Skyflowers: Sponsorship Program is to provide tangible support to the kinesiology & natural health community.

This year I’ve allocated $10,000 AUD to the program and will be supporting students with product, training & other services – i.e. mentoring, career advice, product development, etc throughout 2019.

At launch, the scope of the program is focused on providing support to the following categories with other categories added over time.

  • Low-Income Support Packages. At launch, the Skyflowers: Sponsorship Program will support students who are single parents & low-income earners and help them kickstart their careers in natural therapies.
  • Return to Work Packages. Returning to work after long term illness can apply for a sponsorship package.
  • Humanitarian Projects and exceptional work in the community. Such as practicing in a hospital, disaster relief work or working with the homeless.

Stay tuned to our newsletter and social media for chances to apply for these airdrops.

Schools & Student Clinic Packages ( Coming Soon )

As the Skyflowers Project grows, so too will the support program. In the near future, the sponsorship program will expand to include other categories to include.

  • Natural Therapy Schools – Later in 2019, natural therapy schools & registered instructors will be able to apply for support packages for student practice clinics. Register your interest now.
  • Research & Development – an overlooked sector of the natural health community. Believe me, I know how hard it is to get a company off the ground while also conducting a world class research project! It’s tough!

Brendan Rohan – founder of the Skyflowers

The Skyflowers Project

The Skyflowers Project began in August, 1997 and is a humanitarian project that is made up of 5 parts.

  • Industry Guidelines – We are working to define clear industry guidelines for the practice, teaching & the governance of Clinical Flower Therapy. This includes writing a ‘flower therapy rulebook’ that teaches the fundamentals that are often lacking in modern natural health courses – like plant studies.
  • Higher Education – We are creating a library of books, videos and archived information for future generation to use. A library that includes our world class botanical research.
  • Products that people can purchase to fund the project such as box sets of flower remedies, clinical manuals and 25ml formulas.
  • Community / Support Program to help natural therapy students get their careers off the ground. This includes product packages for individuals and student clinics, career advice, etc.
  • Gardens. What would the project be without an actual garden you can visit? More on this later.

The ( eventual ) aim is to evolve the project into The Skyflowers Foundation. A foundation that comes complete with a trust fund and custodians that will oversee the foundation.

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