Sneak Peek at 2019 New Releases!

The Skyflowers Project has had a big year in 2018. The release of the Skyflowers: Starter Set was a big hit and kept me busy with orders. But believe me, 2019 is going to be an even bigger year so I’m preparing for it well in advance!

I feel like an excited kid with what’s coming up. So forget the holidays! There’s work to be done!

In this post, I’ll give you a tiny sneak peek at what is coming next year!

New! Emotional First Aid

Hot on the heels of the popular Skyflowers: Starter Set ( released Nov 1st ) comes the second box set in the Skyflowers series – Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid!

Designed to be a companion to the Starter Set or the Bach flowers, Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid contains 25 ‘rescue-type’ remedies for expressing deep upset, hurt & pain whilst preventing a ‘healing crisis’ or emotional meltdown.

This is a toolkit that should be in any natural health school or kinesiology clinic. It has some of the ‘heaviest hitters’ in the range that cater to extreme distress, healing crisis ( radical change syndrome ) and when all else fails, there are 4 ‘last-line-of-defence’ flowers for rebirth & ‘dark night of the soul’ scenarios.

This toolkit isn’t just for 1st aid. It’s for spiritual-heart surgery!

Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid will come several extras, including with the newly updated, Skyflowers: 9th Edition which is due out January 15th.

Pre-Order Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid at 20% off. Expected release date February 1st so expect delays on your order.

Wipe Away All Tears

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Emotions for Kinesiology: 2nd Edition

Following on the theme of Emotional First Aid comes Emotions for Kinesiology: 2nd Edition which is due out a month later, on March 1st 2019.

Emotions for Kinesiology: 2nd Edition has been updated with 250 more definitions, pushing the total of rare emotions, complex thought patterns & specialized clinical terminology to 500 entries.

The dictionary has been written from scratch ( no copy-n-paste ) and is an all-original work containing subtle emotional states not described in any other manual.

Ever heard of ‘spiritual materialism’? As I said. It’s original.

This beast of a manual gets to the guts of each issue with clear-and-direct, if not peppery, statements to define each. Pinpointing exact issues & raising awareness.

Emotions for Kinesiology will be available in A4 printed manual, desktop app for Mac or Windows and *iPad ( with a bit of luck, we’ll see. )

You can download a demo of the 1st edition here. 

2019 Rescue-type Blend

While it has been out since October, it would be remiss of me not to mention the 2019 25ml blend in this post. 

Specially designed each year to meet the issues & challenges of the year ahead, the 2019 blend deals with ‘unknown issues’ arising from the collective consciousness.

So if you feel ‘a bit off center but aren’t sure why’, then this is the remedy for you.

Coming Releases in 2019

There’s a lot in store for 2019 and this is just the beginning. Literally.

To recap, here are the list of dates. ( Workshop dates TBA )

  • January 1st – 2019 FloraScope, 12 month calendar + flower of the year.
  • January 15th – Skyflowers: 9th Edition.
  • February 1st – Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid box set. *Special Offer for Starter Set & Emotional First Aid ends January 31st.
  • March 1st – Emotions for Kinesiology: 2nd Edition. *Special offer ends Feb 28th.

It Starts Here.

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That’s it for this sneak preview of coming releases. There are *more to come but I will leave those as a surprise for later.

( *If you want a hint, check out the RoadMap for 2019. )

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