Skyflowers: Pro Set

The Skyflowers: Pro Set contains all 21 flower types used in the Skyflowers: Pro System plus 4 ‘must have’ indicator remedies that highlight other key issues. Making this a compact, yet comprehensive, diagnostic toolkit for your clinic.

The Skyflowers – Pro Set pinpoints the core issue & provides detailed knowledge of the underlying problem. Perfect for kinesiology!


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Designed for Professionals. Perfect for Kinesiology.

The Set

Designed by nature. Packaged for health professionals.

Skyflowers: 10th Edition

The Skyflowers: 10th Edition takes flower therapy to even greater heights.

Updated with timely new remedies & is fully revised to meet the challenges of our time. This definitive guide contains more than 150+ individual flower remedies & combinations as well as handy tips to improve your clinical technique.


A hard copy & desktop app are included free with every box set.

Skyflowers: Pro Set

25 potent remedies. 21 core issues.


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Mental Body

  1. King of Bromeliads for quick thinking & decisiveness. ( Vriesea )
  2. Spanish Moss for trust in relationships. ( Tillandsia )
  3. Yellow Flaming Sword for fight/flight & survival responses. ( Vriesea )

Emotional Body

  1. Affirmation-of-Life for affirmation work & life-affirming statements. ( Billbergia )
  2. Blushing Heart for being honest with yourself. ( Neoregelia )
  3. Chakra Flower for chakra work & alignment of the subtle body. ( Canistrum )
  4. Peace for problem solving & conflict resolution. ( Quesnelia )
  5. Pineapple for relaxation & stress reduction. ( Ananus )
  6. Pinecone Bromeliad for logical thinking & systematic processes. ( Acanthosatchys )
  7. Pink Star for release of past trauma. ( Cryptanthus )
  8. Queen of Bromeliads for composure during chaotic times. ( Aechmea )
  9. Queens Tears for emotional expression & meridian work. ( Billbergia )
  10. Reality for debt, money problems & reality issues. ( Neoregelia )
  11. Sanctuary Flower for boundary issues & psychic protection. ( Aechmea )

Physical (Karmic) Body

  1. Ancestral Grass Bromeliad for starting everything from an advantageous position. ( Pitcairnea )
  2. Carnivorous Bromeliad for spotting fraud, manipulation and trickery. ( Brochinnia )
  3. Carpet Bromeliad for taking back control and dealing with toxicity. ( Abromitiella )
  4. Chilean Blood Grass for karmic issues & free will. ( Fascicularia )
  5. False Agave for becoming aware of forgotten issues. ( Hechtia )
  6. Heart of Flame for subtle changes & smooth transitions. ( Bromelia )
  7. Rebirth for renewal & updating old patterns. ( Dyckia )
  8. Pink Sacred Heart for soul searching & yearnings. ( Ochagavia )
  9. Sapphire Tower for subtle disturbances like EMF, food additives, etc. ( Puya )
  10. Star of Venezuela for sanity and healthy thinking. ( Navia )
  11. Tears of the Sun for grasping big issues. ( Encholerium )

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We Make our Flower Remedies from the Most Evolved Plants on Earth. After a Few Drops, You Will See Why.

Pro Charts

Skyflowers: Pro Set

These handy, laminated A4 charts are a great companion to the Skyflowers: Higher Self box set.

The Skyflowers: Higher Self | Pro Charts contain 3-line listings of all 25 flower remedies and are designed for quick, cross-reference with other Skyflowers books, charts & website.

A digest version of the Skyflowers guide. Perfect for clinical use.


These charts are included free with every box set.

Bonus Extras

Get these special bonuses. Absolutely free.


25ml Combination

The collective theme of 2022 is “personal power”.

  • Shifting the belief that “you are small ( weak, tired, etc )” to the reality that you always have the power to do something.
  • Looking at all the ways you give away your power.
  • Redirecting your energies from ‘fighting to reclaim power’ to expressing the power you have.

The learning process will bring issues & challenges – individually and collectively. This blend is designed to deal with the issues raised.


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Miniature Bromeliad

15ml “Flower of the Year” for 2022.


  • Empowered. 
  • Standing in your natural, native power.
  • Believing that you are bigger than your problems.


  • Power struggles.
  • Spending your ( life ) energy fighting for your rights, power, etc.
  • Giving power to other people, the future, your fears, etc. Then being overpowered by them.

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Skyflowers: Box Sets

We have a range of box sets to suit your style. Choose the right one for you and unlock the power of the Skyflowers: Pro System.

Series A ( No Overlap, for Collectors of the Full Range. Grouped by Botanical Classification. Designed with a Tight Focus for Detailed Work. )

  1. Skyflowers: Higher Mind for thinking, focus & habitual issues. 
  2. Skyflowers: Higher Vision for perception, beliefs & sabotage patterns.
  3. Skyflowers: Higher Power for fears, inhibitions & suppressed emotions.
  4. Skyflowers: Higher Self  for identity, affirmation & ego issues. #lifecoach
  5. Skyflowers: Higher Ground for karmic, long-term & reality issues. 

Series B ( May Overlap. Designed with a Broad Focus to Cover a Wide Range of Issues. )

  1. Skyflowers: Starter Set for common issues, general practice & home use. #beginners
  2. Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid for emotional crisis, distress & emergency situations. #socialwork
  3. Skyflowers: Self Development for growth, maturity & personal power. #teachers
  4. Skyflowers: Pro Set ( aka “The Kinesiology Kit” ) for pinpointing & treating the core issue.
  5. Skyflowers: Twenty Three for the issues, challenges & opportunities of 2023.

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“The Purpose of Medicine is to Rise Above the Need.

The Purpose of the Practitioner is to Guide You There.”

Brendan Rohan ~ founder of The Skyflowers Project

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