for Regulation & Self Control.

Bromeliad Sub-family 3 – Issues with Reality | (S)Low Vibration

Abromeitella ( ay-bro-mite-el-ah ) is a genus of prickly-leaved plants that grow in rocky outcrops. Many of the species multiply quite rapidly compared to other Bromeliads. Eventually they form low-growing colonies that follow the contour of the landscape and look just like flowing water. The genus was recently renamed Deuterochonia but we use the older name in our work. Abromeitella grow in Argentina, Paraguay and central South America.

Botanical Archetype – MODERATION ( of Thought, Emotion, Action ), Regulation, Management.


  • Wild thoughts, imagination or ideas that you are unable to harness, act upon or bring to fruition.
  • Systemic spread of toxic thoughts.
  • Uncontrollable emotions, thoughts or behaviour.

Primary Emotion / Emotional Symptom – WILD / OUT OF CONTROL.

Key Words

  • + Manage, Regulate, Harness, Bring Under Control, Abate, Self Control.
  • – Wild, Out of Control, Rampant, Viral, Systemic, Contagious, Multiply, Spread, Overstimulated, Toxic.

Lesson – The mind is a wild horse that needs to be harnessed to reality.

  • Abromeitella help to bring things under control.
  • Abromeitella ‘dry up’ excessive or toxic thoughts which spill over into the emotional realm and then cascade into the physical body.
  • Abromeitella provide key lessons about cellular activity in the human body.

Botanical Archetype

Botanical Archetypes_Abromitiella

This is the botanical symbol for genus Abromitiella. It is found in all of our books, clinical manuals, flower notes and charts.

Simply cross-reference it to gain deeper insight into the *nature ( *genus ) of the issue ( **species )

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