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Bromeliad Sub-family 2 – Issues with Emotion | Middle Vibration

Acanthostachys ( ay-can-tho-steak-iss ) is a genus comprising of only 2 species. The name is derived from the Greek words “acanthos” which means thorny or spiny and “stachys” is the word for flower spike. The plants are incredibly tough and their thin, wiry leaves spring from a woody rhizome at the base of the plant. Acanthostachys are ‘cliff dwellers’ and are native to Brazil, Paraguay & Argentina.

Botanical Archetype – ORGANIZATION ( of Thought, Emotion, Action ), Conceptualization.

Root IssueDISORGANIZATION ( of thought, Emotion, Action ).

  • Scattered thoughts and poor planning skills.
  • Erratic behaviour based upon illogical, jumbled or confused ideas.
  • Frustrated, aggravated and annoyed because things do not work out the way you intended.

Primary Emotion / Emotional SymptomFRUSTRATION, FUTILITY & ANNOYANCE.

Key Words

  • + Visualization, Conceptualize, Sort Out, Logical Steps, Order, Priority, Systematic, Practical, Process, Progression.
  • – Illogical, Frustration, Futility, Annoyance, Aggravation, Violent Outburst.

Lesson – Vision is everything. Action is everything.

  • Acanthostachys help to ‘work out’ problems, form new processes and create logical plans-of-action.
  • They break down large concepts into logical steps that are actionable and achievable.
  • Acanthostachys combine well with genus Aechmea and Canistrum.

Botanical Archetype

A ‘Botanical Archetype’ provides background information about a plant family and its effects on the mind / body system.

Botanical Archetypes_Acanthostachys

This is the botanical symbol for genus Acanthostachys. It is found in all of our books, clinical manuals, flower notes and charts.

Simply cross-reference it to gain deeper insight into the *nature ( *genus ) of the issue ( **species )

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