for Action & Self Expression.

Bromeliad Sub-family 2 – Issues with Emotion | Middle Vibration

Aechmea ( eek-me-ahh ) is the most diverse plant group and have a wide variety of patterns, shapes and colors of their leaves. The name Aechmea comes from the Greek word “aichme” which means “spear” ( flowers ). Flowers are borne on vibrant flower bracts and often form bright berries that last for months after flowering. Aechmea is a large group of species that have habitat ranging from Mexico through to South America.

Botanical Archetype – ACTION, EXPRESSION of Spirit / Self.

Root Issue – SUPPRESSION OF ACTION, Suppression of Emotion & Suppression of Self.

  • Fear of acting on impulse or expressing emotion.
  • Seeking to redirect, change, halt or deny mobile life energy ( emotion ) as it arises.
  • Inaction. Not taking action on a thought or impulse.

Primary Emotion / Emotional SymptomFEAR.

Key Words

  • + Instinct, Impulse, Express, Expression of Spirit, Self Expression, Speaking Up, Taking Action, Do, Playful, Lively, Personality.
  • – Fear, Fear of Life, Fear of Feeling, Suppressed Emotion, Block, Control, Hold Back, Stop.

Lesson – You are life force. When you move on your life energy, nothing can stop you.

  • Aechmea are bold, colorful plants that bring your personality to life and bring your spirit to the world.
  • Aechmea help to ‘activate’ a flower remedy combination and bring out any inner, personal changes you have made. Positive action is the key to change, not more inner work.
  • Aechmea combine well with genus Billbergia and Neoregelia.

Botanical Archetype

The Skyflowers: Pro System is the marriage of botanical science & vibrational medicine. Each one of the 21 plant groups ( or ‘botanical archetypes’ ) provide an overview of their effects on the mind / body system. More specific information can be found on the individual flower page.

Botanical Archetypes_Aechmea

This is the botanical symbol for genus Aechmea. It is found in all of our books, clinical manuals, flower notes and charts.

Simply cross-reference it to gain deeper insight into the *nature ( *genus ) of the issue ( **species )

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