Practitioner Notes

The Pineapple is the most widely recognized of the Bromeliads because of its commercial value as a food crop. The name ‘Ananus’ is derived from the South American Indian word ‘na’, ‘na’. Which means the ‘sweet fragrance’ given off when the pineapples are ripe.

At one stage in history, the Pineapple was known as ‘the King of Fruits’ and cost ‘a kings ransom’ to hire ( yes, hire, not eat ) for dinner parties. This gesture of showing off ones wealth to honour guests became a symbol of welcoming.

As a food crop, Pineapples take 18 months to fruit. A whole year-and-a-half is a long time, indicating that its general properties revolve around patience, ‘slow progress’ and living life at a relaxed pace. In fact, these key signatures provide the best clue about how to approach life, the life process and spiritual development as a whole.

“You will ripen in your own sweet time”… ‘so don’t even try to rush the creative or process of your self development’.

  • You cannot make yourself ripen or achieve enlightenment, etc.
  • You can only participate in a slow ripening and fruition. This allows you to enjoy the many life experiences you have along the way!
  • Life moves at the pace of life. Spiritual unfoldment moves at the same gradual pace.

Medicinally, the Pineapple is well known for its anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxing properties. Commercial medicine made from Pineapple can be purchased at any chemist under the name of ‘Bromelain’, a compound which is derived from the stem of the fruit. This widespread use is testimony to the highly medicinal value of Pineapple as a remedy for stress-related issues.

While the muscles are the target of such medicine, vibrational remedies made from Pineapple reduce stress from the inside. Such as mental tension ( seriousness, importance ) and emotional emphasis ( sustained pressure ) that mirrors in the mind/body system as muscular tension, etc.

In vibrational medicine, the Pineapple makes an amazing flower remedy because of these stress-reducing properties. They lift ‘whole layers-of-stress’ up and out of the system, not just individual ‘issues’.

  • The Pineapple is a ‘general tonic’ and is commonly used in combination flower remedies.
  • The Pineapple is one of the 3 ‘rescue flowers’. The Pineapple, Queens Tears & the flower of Calm are great in crisis situations.


Kinesiologists can use the 3 Pineapples in the Skyflowers range as a barometer to indicate stress levels. Each Pineapple deals with an increase in stress and the problems that arise from increasing pressure in the mind/body system.

  1. The Pineapple deals with stage 1 or ‘temporary stress’ and is used for common, day-to-day issues. It signals a need to take rest breaks during the day and adopt this as a regular habit.
  2. Pygmy Pineapple is indicated for stage 2 stress & when pressure is rising toward boiling point. It signals a need to decompress multiple issues and unwind before problems mount up.
  3. Dwarf Pink Pineapple is for stage 3 stress & the system-wide breakdown ( dis-ease) that is beginning to manifest because of long-term stress and pressure. Illness is natures way of attempting to release pressure ( mental attitude ) by forcing you to slow down, change your ways and return to a natural, less dogmatic approach to life.

The Pineapple will be covered in depth in the Skyflowers: Clinical Manuals.


  • Prescribed Rest, as part of your daily routine.
  • ‘Prescribed Rest’ is the practice of taking regular rest breaks. It is the discipline of ‘returning to a mental & physical rest state’ before tending to new tasks. This takes practice. Breaks in thinking ( mental focus ) are key.
  • When the Pineapple is indicated, it signals that stress has built up in the mind-body system and the pressure needs to be released. Stress reduction has become the priority and is the way for moving forward. I.e. Pushing or forcing things is counter-productive.
  • If you lead a busy lifestyle, break up your day with a variety of smaller tasks. ‘Rest’ does not means to take an hour-long siesta after every task. It means to ‘rest your thought process so that it does not tire’. Fresh energy comes from passive awareness and new lines of thought.
  • Holidays and long periods of vacation are beneficial but can indicate inefficiencies in your overall lifestyle. Create a lifestyle with smaller, regular rest periods each day instead of leaving it until the weekend to rest or taking holidays because you are exhausted or burnt out.


Genus Ananus ( the Pineapples ) are for Relaxation & Stress Reduction.


Primary Emotion | Emotional Symptoms

Key Issue: RELAXATION ( into the life process ) vs STRESS ( Sustained Tension ) in the mind-body system. I.e. Too much focus, not enough flow.

  • SERIOUSNESS ( Intense Focus ), STRESS ( Sustained Tension in the Mind/Body System ), IMPORTANCE ( Emotional Emphasis )
  • Sustained mind / body tension. E.g. Mental stress that manifests as sickness or physical illness, for example. Vice versa.
  • ‘Prescribed Rest’ will deal with stress and worry before it leads to further decline or breakdown.

Key Words | Speech Patterns

  • Positive – ‘Relaxation, Relax, Relaxed Approach to Life, Casual, Care Free, Light Hearted, Laughter, Joke, Fun, Rest, Sleep, Weekend, Holiday, Vacation.
  • Negative – Serious, Pressure, Tense, Rat Race, Stress, Strain, Tightness, Stiff, Important, Serious, Stress Stage 1 Stress, Uptight, Tight Muscles, Rat Race, “9 to 5” Job.

Life Lesson | Attitudes to Adopt

“Stress in any area of life, affects the whole of life.”

  • ‘True Relaxation’. Resting down into the natural, life process and allowing this process to move you forward.
  • Honouring your natural design and the cycles of nature. Periodically returning to a natural state of rest, by default.
  • Spiritual progress is not achieved through ( internal, ego-driven ) pressure. ‘Fruit naturally ripens’.

Pro System | Botanical Information

According to botanical science ( the classification of plants ), the Bromeliad family is made up of 3 sub-families, with 59 genera and about 2,400 species. .

  • The Bromeliad family / Pineapple tribe deal with “worry about life.” Other plant families have different philosophies toward life.
  • The 3 sub-families in the Bromeliad family are loosely known as the (1) air plants, (2) the forest bromeliads & (3) the ancestral or grass bromeliads.
  • The Pineapples, or genus Ananus, belongs to the 2nd sub-family of ‘forest bromeliads’.
  • As flower remedies, (1) Air plants bring awareness to the mental body and deal with the focus of life energy. (2) Forest bromeliads like the Pineapples, bring awareness to the emotional body and deal with the flow of life energy. Finally, (3) the ancestral bromeliads – the oldest of the bromeliads – bring awareness to physical reality and deal with the manifestation / stabilization of life energy ( I.e. ‘karma’ ).
  • The Pineapples blend well with the Stability Flowers, genus Puya to deal with tiredness & exhaustion.

More Information: Skyflowers: Pro System for more information about the 21 plant groups and how to use flower remedies like a pro.

Botanical Archetypes_Ananus

This is the botanical symbol for genus Ananus. It is found in all of our books, clinical manuals, flower notes and charts.

Simply cross-reference it to gain deeper insight into the *nature ( *genus ) of the issue ( **species )

The Skyflowers: Pro System is the marriage of botanical science & vibrational medicine. Each one of the 21 plant groups ( or ‘botanical archetypes’ ) provide an overview of their effects on the mind / body system. More specific information can be found on the individual flower page.

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