for the Affirmation of Life.

Bromeliad Sub-family 2 – Issues with Emotion | Medium Vibration

Billbergia ( Bill-berje-ee-ah ) are typically tall, thin Bromeliads with pendulous pink flower bracts. The genus, named after the Swedish botanist, zoologist and anatomist Gustaf Johan Billberg. Billbergia are native to southern Mexico, the West Indies, Central America and South America, with many species found in Brazil.

Botanical Archetype – AFFIRMATION, Affirmation of True Self, Affirmation of Life.

Root IssueNEGATIVE AFFIRMATION, Identification, Affirmation of Ego / Lower Self, Limitation.

  • Affirmations that are negative or lesser in nature.
  • Affirmations that revolve around the ego and reinforce the idea of a small self.
  • Identifying with your emotions. Making these part of your core identity.

Primary Emotion / Emotional SymptomLIMITATION ( of Self Image / False Identity ), IDENTIFICATION.

Key Words

  • + Essence, Spirit, True or Higher Self.
  • – Stuck, Restricted, Trapped, Identification, Identity Crisis, Self Image, ‘I’-dentity, Lower Self.

Lesson – You escape the bonds of limitation when you realize that your true identity is rooted in the eternal.

  • Billbergia are for making life-affirming ( not ego / self affirming ) statements that open you to a higher self.
  • Billbergia help to affirm your true self and identify with your higher nature.
  • Billbergia combine well with genus Aechmea and Neoregelia.

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Botanical Archetypes_Billbergia

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