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Bromeliad Sub-family 3 – Issues with Reality | (S)low Vibration

Bromelia ( Bro-kin-ee-yah ) are large, thorny pinwheels of leaves that are intensely colorful in flower. The leaves are sword-like, razor sharp and form a protective barrier that animals ( or gardeners ) will not cross. The genus is named after the Swedish doctor and botanist Olof Bromelius. Bromelia are common in Latin America and the West Indies.

Botanical ArchetypePACIFICATION, Pleasure.

Nature of IssuePROVOCATION, Irritation due to Attack or Threat, Inflammation.

  • Attacked, bruised or suffering from rough handling.
  • Provoked into an agressive or defensive posture. Remaining in that stance as your approach to life.
  • Excessive inner / spiritual work that provokes a negative response because of the constant criticism of the soul.

Primary Emotion / Emotional Symptom – INFLAME / INTENSE / ‘SORE’.

Key Words

  • + Pacify, Smooth Transition, Seamless Change, Gradual Shift, Careful, Gentle, Sooth, Relieve, Ease, Please.
  • – Harsh, Rough, Bruised, Barbaric, Tender, Sore, Provoked, Attacked, Inflame, Irritation, Enrage, Outrage, Boiling Point.

Lesson – Leave your soul alone. Your spirit will emerge in its own time, in its own way.

  • Bromelia help ease ‘sore points’ in the mind or body.
  • Bromelia helps to reduce ‘swelling’ from emotional sore points that are repeatedly harassed or triggered.
  • Bromelia helps to protect you from yourself if you are a ‘heavy-handed healer’. A person who (a) throws every health technique known to man at (b) their problems (c) which results in your soul being bombarded by things it may not need. (d) Driven by a faulty self image and a sick mentality.

Botanical Archetype

The Skyflowers: Pro System is the marriage of botanical science & vibrational medicine. Each one of the 21 plant groups ( or ‘botanical archetypes’ ) provide an overview of their effects on the mind / body system. More specific information can be found on the individual flower page.

Botanical Archetypes_Bromelia

This is the botanical symbol for genus Bromelia. It is found in all of our books, clinical manuals, flower notes and charts.

Simply cross-reference it to gain deeper insight into the *nature ( *genus ) of the issue ( **species )

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