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Bromeliad Sub-family 3 – Issues with Reality | (S)Low Vibration

Ochagavia ( ock-a-garv-ee-ah ) are a thorny group of plants that bear the most exquisite, soft flower bracts. All species are terrestrial and have their roots firmly in the ground. The genus is named after Sylvestris Ochagavia, a former Chilean minister of education. Ochagavia are native to southern and central Chile and have only four accepted species.

Botanical Archetype – PERSONIFICATION, Soul contact and the embodiment of the spirit.

Root IssueALIENATION, Divorce from nature.

  • Lost and searching for answers on a never ending spiritual quest.
  • Spiritual hunger and thirst that nothing ever satisfies.
  • Divorced from your humanity, divinity and mother nature.

Primary Emotion / Emotional SymptomLOST SOUL. 

Key Words

  • + Soul Contact, Soulful, Epiphany.
  • – Soulless, Eclipse-of-the-Heart, Estranged, Missing, Yearning, Soul Searching, Journey, Quest.

Lesson – Life is an experience. Not a journey.

  • Ochagavia help to restore ‘soul contact’ and to begin looking at your life through the eyes of the soul.
  • Ochagavia help you to ‘cross the spiritual desert’ and end the never-ending spiritual quest to find the spirit / person that you now are.
  • Ochagavia help to embody your higher self by phasing out the ‘lower self’ caused by a faulty self image.

Botanical Archetype

The Skyflowers: Pro System is the marriage of botanical science & vibrational medicine. Each one of the 21 plant groups ( or ‘botanical archetypes’ ) provide an overview of their effects on the mind / body system. More specific information can be found on the individual flower page.

Botanical Archetypes_Ochagavia

This is the botanical symbol for genus Ochagavia. It is found in all of our books, clinical manuals, flower notes and charts.

Simply cross-reference it to gain deeper insight into the *nature ( *genus ) of the issue ( **species )

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