Skyflowers: Higher Power

Skyflowers: Higher Power contains 25 remedies that harness your raw, spiritual power. The set helps you unleash your true potential, take affirmative action & fully express yourself in the world.

Experience a whole new kind of power. Power that comes from your soul & the spirit of life. Not from affirmations, will power or even money.


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Skyflowers: 10th Edition, Box of 25 Stock Remedies, Skyflowers: Higher Power | Pro Charts + Bonus Extras. Total value $465AUD.

Your Super Powers Were Activated. Before You Were Even Born.

The Set

Designed by nature. Packaged for health professionals.

Skyflowers: 10th Edition

The Skyflowers: 10th Edition takes flower therapy to even greater heights.

Updated with timely new remedies & is fully revised to meet the challenges of our time. This definitive guide contains more than 150+ individual flower remedies & combinations as well as handy tips to improve your clinical technique.


A hard copy & desktop app are included free with every box set.

Skyflowers: Higher Power

25 potent remedies. 3 amazing plant groups.


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The Action Flowers ( Soul Expression )

  1. Amazonian Zebra Bromeliad – Encouragement ( Discouraged, Deflated )
  2. Choice ( Victim Mentality, Self Pity ) 
  3. Commitment ( Inconsistent, Unreliable )
  4. Confidence ( Nervous, Unprepared )
  5. Consideration ( Inconsiderate, Inflexible )
  6. Excellence ( Mediocre, Substandard )
  7. Fire of Venezuela ( Complacent, Lazy )
  8. Grace ( Upset, Turmoil )
  9. Intuition ( Misguided, Mistaken )
  10. Karma ( Consequence, Repercussion ) 
  11. Mexican Spear Bromeliad ( Immoral, Unethical )
  12. Passion ( Guarded, Defensive )
  13. Precious Jewel ( Displeased, Discontent )
  14. Queen of Bromeliads – Composure ( Panic, Hysteria )
  15. Sanctuary Bromeliad – Privacy ( Violated, Invaded )
  16. Self Development ( Undeveloped, Immature )
  17. Self Expression ( Suppressed, Repressed, Communication Issues )
  18. Self Respect ( Angry, Abused, Low Esteem )
  19. Surrender ( Terrified, Afraid )
  20. Wine Cup Bromeliad ( Self Destructive, Harmful )
  21. Zebra Bromeliad – Adventurous ( Wretched, Miserable )

The Pineapples ( Relaxation, Pulsation )

  1. Dwarf Pink Pineapple ( Stage 3 Stress – Deterioration, Breakdown )
  2. Pineapple Relaxed ( Stage 1 Stress – Stress, Tension )
  3. Pygmy Pineapple ( Stage 2 Stress – Escalating Tension, Pressure )

The Chakra Flowers ( Integration )

  1. Chakra FlowerEmbodied ( Shock, Accident )

When Designing Combinations, Use an Action Flower to “Power” the Blend.

Pro Charts

Skyflowers: Higher Power

These handy, laminated A4 charts are a great companion to the Skyflowers: Higher Power box set.

The Skyflowers: Higher Power | Pro Charts contain 3-line listings of all 25 flower remedies and are designed for quick, cross-reference with other Skyflowers books, charts & website.

A digest version of the Skyflowers guide. Perfect for clinical use.


These charts are included free with every box set.

Bonus Extras

Get these special bonuses. Absolutely free.


25ml Combination

2020 was exhausting. 2021 continues this theme.

  • Dealing with spiritual exhaustion & the need to ‘keep going’.
  • Conservation of your energy, time, money & resources.
  • ‘Spiritual accounting’. Being careful how you spend your life energy & avoiding ‘a lifestyle of debt’.

The learning process will bring issues & challenges – individually and collectively. This blend is designed to deal with the issues raised.


Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad

15ml “Flower of the Year” for 2021.


  • Replenished. 
  • Conserving energy while you look for opportunities to make gains.
  • Letting the old ( world & self ) fall away. Refreshed by abandoning what is old, tired & draining you.


  • Tired, depleted & exhausted.
  • Spending your ( life ) energy on things that put you in debt.
  • Spiritual exhaustion. Doing what drains your soul.

Compare Sets

Choose the right set for your clinical style.

Lifestyle Series

The remedies in these 5 box sets were chosen to match a theme. There may be some overlap between sets in this series.

  1. Skyflowers: Starter Set for kinesiology & general practice.
  2. Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid for emotional crisis & emergencies.
  3. Skyflowers: Twenty One for the issues & challenges of 2021.
  4. Skyflowers: Self Development for growth, maturity & spiritual development. ( Coming in 2021 )
  5. Skyflowers: Money Mastery for financial issues & debt.
Pro Series

The remedies in these 5 box sets were strictly chosen by their botanical classification & focus on a precise part of the subtle body. There is no overlap between sets in this series.

  1. Skyflowers: Infinite Mind for thinking & focus issues.
  2. Skyflowers: Third Eye for perception & belief issues. ( Coming in 2021 )
  3. Skyflowers: Higher Power for action, fear & self expression issues.
  4. Skyflowers: Higher Self for identity & ego issues.
  5. Skyflowers: Higher Ground for karmic, long-term & reality issues.


“The Purpose of Medicine is to Rise Above the Need.

The Purpose of the Practitioner is to Guide You There.”

Brendan Rohan ~ founder of The Skyflowers Project

The Skyflowers Project

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