Skyflowers: Project Roadmap for 2019

Welcome to the Skyflowers: Project end of year report!

Before we look at the Skyflowers Project in 2018 and my plans for 2019, let’s go back to 2017 for a moment.

2017 & the 20th Anniversary

2017 was an big year for me personally. Two major events happened at nearly the same time.

The first major event was that 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the Skyflowers Project and my work in natural medicine. ( Yes, the Skyflowers have been around for 20 years! )

The second major event in 2017 that occurred was the death of my mother, whom I was living with as her carer.

So, in early 2017, I started thinking about the 20th anniversary and what it meant. I began looking back over the past 2 decades of the project. I looked at what worked, what didn’t and to thought about my long term goals for the future. I asked myself “what will the next 20 years be about?”

By late 2017, thinking about the future went to a whole new level with the passing of my mother. I started seriously thinking about my own life, not just the project. Life is a precious thing. It’s also temporary and as I have a lot ( and I mean, a lot ) of unpublished, unreleased material on the drawing board, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to spend my time on.

The time clock of life was ticking. So I really needed to clarify my goals.

Presenting “Integrating Kinesiology & Flower Therapy” at AKA 2017


My mothers passing in November 2017 sobered me to the facts of my own life. So in 2018 I took a good hard look at those facts.

  • I am 45 years old. I am half way ( or more ) into my life and I really needed to focus on what matters most. Personally and professionally.
  • Even if I am healthy for the rest of my life, there is only so much time I have left. Therefore, I don’t have an endless amount of time to leisurely work on my project.
  • I, too, will not live forever so if I am going to write books, travel and live my life, now is the time to do it. Not ‘later’.

So, quite literally, for the past year ( entirety of 2018 ) I have asked myself one question. “What will I leave behind?” 

  • What will happen to all of my work once I die? 
  • Will it disappear or will it be used in 100 years time?
  • What should I spend my time and talent on? 

While death is a morbid subject for many people, it’s an amazing question to ask. What will happen to all the things you put your time and effort into? Are you putting your energy ( life ) into the right things?

By asking this question and focusing on 100+ years time, my mind shifted from a “day to day, working to pay bills” mentality to focusing on producing something that will stand the test of time.

  • Question: What stands the test of time?
  • Answer: A library of quality information, books, articles and training videos.

The answer of what I should work on was simple.

Given the importance of my botanical research to the field of plant medicine as a whole ( not just to my company ), the work needed to be properly documented & archived for future generations. A time capsule of the best materials needed to be created. Now and in the coming years.

By shifting my focus from the current generation to future generations who can build upon my work and benefit from it, it has helped me clarify my current goals.

The goal of creating a foundation for the future.

2019 & the Road Ahead

As mentioned, 2017 marked the 20th year of the Skyflowers Project. It was very much a time of ‘clarity’. So I created a road map for the future, made up of 3 stages. The past. The present. And the future.

  • The Research Phase – 1997 – 2017. The first 20 years of the Skyflowers Project was the ‘research and development’ phase. It was a time of learning and creating the pro/botanical system. That system is now complete and functions perfectly.
  • The Education Phase – 2018 – 2037. The second 20 years of the project, logically, takes the information learned in the first 20 years and publishes it into books, online courses, etc. The emphasis is on publishing & preserving the best educational materials for the future.
  • The Skyflowers Foundation – 2038 – AD. In the last stage, the company will evolve into a foundation to house the library of digital media produced in the 2nd phase. A foundation complete with a trust fund that is dedicated to the governance, education & practice of Clinical Flower Therapy. 

The foundation will primarily focus on education and be a resource for students, teachers as well as natural health associations.

  • Students – The Skyflowers Foundation will teach the principles of flower therapy and the traditional, plant-based methods of prescription that have gone lost in the modern day. As well as the latest research.
  • Teachers – The foundation will offer teaching aids & subject outlines for teachers to use in the classroom. It will offer a template / full course of subjects that are required to practice Clinical Flower Therapy. So that students are trained ‘like surgeons’ and use flower remedies ‘the way mother nature intended’, with precision and skill. 
  • Natural Health Associations – The foundation will provide a guideline for natural health associations to follow regarding the accreditation of teachers & license for students to practice. Ensuring Clinical Flower Therapy is a respect practice because of the qualification it represents.

Having said this, the Skyflowers Foundation won’t be created yet, however. There is much work to do yet to build the library. And funding capital to acquire.

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The Current Plan

That’s the big picture stuff out of the way. So where does this leave me right now?

The Company

The company will remain in operation with the eventual aim of turning it into a foundation. I am in no hurry to do this as I wish to set down a solid foundation before hand. This means publishing a solid set of books & training manuals that outline the principles for Clinical Flower Therapy and a logical set of rules to govern it.

To do this, *plant-studies must return to the practice of flower therapy. Then the methods of prescription and rules for governance will become crystal clear.

( *Given the current, ‘plant-free’ state of many natural health courses and therefore, the removal of traditional, plant-based methods of prescription, this may take time as it represents a radical overhaul of an entire industry. Not just writing a book or two. )

Publishing More. Marketing Less.

As I am now in the second, second educational phase of the project, I will begin publishing a list of books, online courses and research. With the aim of setting up an indexed library of materials that will be archived by the foundation. Both for professional and for public use.

This essentially means I will be “publishing more” and “marketing the company less on social media”.

My time will be geared towards tangible results. 

Clinical Flower Therapy

My book “Clinical Flower Therapy” has been in the pipeline for about 6 years now and is nearing publication.

The book will present a clear system for the practice, education and governance of flower therapy. It will be the rule book for the foundation as it will contain not only the technique of flower therapy, but also a section for natural health associations. With my suggestions on how best to govern the practice so as to ensure the traditional, plant-based methods of prescription are preserved for the future.

I plan on publishing annual updates for the book, with the first edition to be published as a spiral-bound manual in August, 2019. Which coincides with the 22nd anniversary of the Skyflowers Project – with annual revisions & research updates from that point onwards.

New Releases for 2019

Now that we have talked about the future and what my current goals are, here are a list of the products and services scheduled for release in early 2019 that are designed to achieve those objectives.

Skyflowers ~ 9th EditionThe official A-Z guide gets updated with 9 flower remedies & new
product / ‘how to’ guides.
iPad, Desktop App & Print Version.
Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid
Box Set
Companion to the Skyflowers:
Starter Set.
Contains 25 remedies
for ‘healing crisis’ & deep upset.
Emotional First Aid |
Professional Upgrade
3 additional products. Contains 2
chart sets & Emotions for
Kinesiology ~ 2nd Edition.
Pro Charts | Emotional First Aid2 chart set. A digest version of the
Skyflowers ~ 9th Edition with the
25 flowers from the box set.
Emotions for Kinesiology
~ 2nd Edition

A dictionary that contains 500+
rare emotions, complex thought
patterns & specialized clinical
terminology. Original work.
iPad, Desktop App & Print Version.
Encyclopaedia of the SkyflowersAn encyclopaedia designed for
clinical use. Contains technical
articles on the remedies, with 8
pages dedicated to each.
Desktop App. The printed, 10 volume set will be released over time.
Skyflowers Starter Set | ManualA digest of the encyclopaedia.
Contains all 25 remedies found in
the Skyflowers: Starter Set.
iPad, Desktop App & Print Version.

That’s the major releases for the first half of 2019. With a few minor releases in between of new remedies, etc. 

The Theme of 2019: ‘Basics’

If you look at the latest product release for this year, 2018, the Skyflowers: Starter Set, it gives you a clue as to what my focus is for 2019.

The theme for 2019 is on ‘basics’ and basic training in Clinical Flower Therapy.

  • The Skyflowers: Starter Set is really a basic introduction to professional-grade flower therapy. 
  • The Starter Set is just the first stage of a wider, education campaign.
  • Several other products and services will be launched over the coming months based on the Starter Set.  

The Skyflowers: Starter Set has been designed for students to help them learn the basics of plant-based, diagnostic methods. The set comes with manuals and charts that helps with correct technique so they learn to apply flower remedies ‘like a surgeon’.

Spin-off products and training videos will be added over time.

Product Guides

In late 2018, a series of product guides were published on the website, with more ‘how to guides’ to follow.

Here’s an overview of the product guide for the Starter Set. I have erred on the side of minimalistic text to keep the instructions clear. Which inspires thought & contemplation by the reader as to how the system works. 

A series of similar product guides will be published in 2019. As well as some long-form articles and training videos. Giving you a variety of ways to learn Clinical Flower Therapy.

End Notes

That’s pretty much all I have to say at this stage as it lays out the roadmap for 2019 and beyond. The Skyflowers Project is a big project and as you can see, has long term objectives to shape the natural therapy industry.

At this stage as I close out the article, I’d like to say thank-you to the people who have supported the project over the years. Especially those who have financially supported the work.

There have been a small handful of dedicated people who kept the dream alive by faithfully buying my remedies.

Thank you all for your support,

Brendan Rohan –

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