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Before You Read Our Plant Research or Go Shopping, Take a Tour of What We Do.

I bought these at a plant show. Now what do I do?



We don’t just ‘make’ flower remedies. We’re plant fanatics!

We have literally grown, collected and studied Bromeliads for more than 25 years and have a lifetime of plant expertise behind us.

This allows us to make a high-quality range of 15ml flower remedies and 25ml formulas that cater to the needs of people the world over.



We grow plants. We know plants.

Our remedies are backed by the latest, original research in plant medicine. And this is no hype. Don’t believe me? Take a look at our study of the Bromeliad family and see for yourself!

This ground-breaking information can be found in all of our books, workshops and website. Years of work, all ‘boiled down’ into concise, easy-to-read text for you to use.



Clear, high-quality information is our trademark.

Beyond the various books, manuals and articles we offer, we also provide professional training on a range of natural health subjects.

We also wrote Clinical Flower Therapy – a workshop that teaches the fundamentals of flower therapy that are often left out of natural health courses. You know, insignificant subjects like plant studies*cough*



We don’t just research plants, write great books and provide excellent training at Skyflowers.

We also provide practical, ‘hands on’ support in the natural health field. We have been providing career guidance to students and personalized training to practitioners since 1997 and have had the pleasure of watching many careers ‘take flight’ since then.

A thing we are particularly proud of.




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Last, but not least, we offer you our classy, clutter-free website.

No awful colors. No ugly graphics. No convoluted spiritual advice that makes your head spin and confuses you more.

We offer you the best in web design, typography and photography for your viewing ( and shopping ) pleasure.

Thank You


Brendan Rohan

Founder of the Skyflowers, Botanical Archetypes & Clinical Flower Therapy

Brendan Rohan is an Australian author, lecturer and spiritual teacher who is currently studying the qualities of plants belonging to the Bromeliad ( Pineapple ) family – ‘The Skyflowers’.

In 1997 Brendan began the study of Energy Kinesiology ( muscle monitoring ) due to its ability to defuse emotional stress. With a long, plant-related history behind him, it was the use of flower essence remedies in Energy Kinesiology, however, that cemented his vocational path as a flower essence researcher, writer and lecturer.

In 2003, during his research into the Bromeliad plant family, Brendan uncovered ‘a universal truth that marries mainstream science with vibrational medicine’. Knowing the benefits of such a union, Brendan focuses upon what he believes to be ‘an inevitable merger’ between vibrational medicine and the mainstream medical model. A merger where both fields can – as he says – ‘grow beyond their limitations and reach their highest potential’.

In 2015, Brendan founded Clinical Flower and started an education campaign to ensure high standards of practice in the field of natural medicine. Brendan currently lives and teaches in Melbourne, Australia.


The Skyflowers Project – P.O. Box 3117 Mentone, Victoria, 3194. Australia.


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