2018 *Special Blend*


25ml Stock Combination Remedy.

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Surrender Your Control. Let A Higher Intelligence Do The Driving.

2018 is a 25ml stock blend of flower remedies specially designed to help meet the issues and challenges of 2018. The 2018 blend will help you to deal with issues coming from the collective consciousness, helping to clarify what the year is all about and what you need to be focus on in your own inner work.


  1. Surrender ( Flower of the Year 2018 ) – Fearful, Afraid.
  2. Yellow Bell Bromeliad – Unravel, Fall Apart.
  3. Reality – Unrealistic, Fantasy.
  4. Sharks Tooth Bromeliad – Irrelevant, Trivial.
  5. Intelligence ( Flower of the Year 2017 ) – Stupid, Dumb.
  6. Ruby Star – Guilt, Regret.
  7. Bronze Flaming Sword – Leaderless, Subordinate.

Take a few drops of 2018 when ‘issues of an unknown origin’ arise in your mind. You can start phasing it in before the new year to acclimate to the vibration.

Spiritual Forecasts. All Year.

Self development is challenging at the best of times. But did you realize that everyone else is facing the same issues you are at that same time? The influence of the collective consciousness is by far the biggest challenge to personal development work. That’s why we made 2018.

We also offer extra resources you can use to your advantage in 2018.

  • Check out the 2018, 12 month calendar to get an overview of the year ahead.
  • Stay tuned to @iSkyflowers on Facebook and Twitter for #DailyTips.
  • Look out for our spiritual forecasts on Skyflowers.Tv that predict the ‘weather’ for the month ahead.

 No medical claims made.

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Weight 70 g
Dimensions 35 x 35 x 100 mm


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