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A Custom-Blend, Designed for 2023…

2023 is a blend of flower remedies specially formulated for the issues, challenges & opportunities of 2023.

Designed to be a companion to your inner work, the 2023 blend will help you deal with ‘general malaise’ originating from the collective ( social ) consciousness. So if you feel ‘ungrounded, upset or anxious… but aren’t sure why’, then this is the remedy for you. Great for use during civil unrest, natural disasters or distressing world events.

2023 25ml is perfect for inner work. It helps you navigate “the (social) storms of life” & filter out the noise.

The blend helps you to clarify your inner work & your personal life. Helps you to be in tune (aware) with the world around you, without being flooded by waves of high emotion.


  1. Rose Sacred Heart ( Flower of the Year ) + Penance, Redemption.  – Confronted, Reckoning.
  2. Self Discipline + Abstain, Renounce, ‘Fast’. – Excessive, Indulgent.
  3. Silver Carpet Bromeliad + Sustainable, Organic. – Unsustainable, Untenable.
  4. Abundance + Prosperous. – Lack, Poor.
  5. Green Star + Ambitious. – Disappointed, Beaten.
  6. Miniature Bromeliad ( Flower of the Year 2022 ) + Stature, Powerful. – Overpowered, Dominated.
  7. Bronze Flaming Sword + Authority, Self-Leadership. – Leaderless.
  8. Mexican Spear Bromeliad + Moralistic, Principled. Unethical, ‘Wrong Path’.


  • 2023 is the ‘essence of the times’ and if you read the flowers in order, it paints a picture and tells a story.
  • Like any recipe of flower remedies, 2023 can be taken anytime, not just in 2023. You can start phasing it in before the new year to acclimatise to the changes in social mindset ( collective vibration ).
  • Drink adequate water while taking a course of drops. Meditation and other purification techniques are also suggested for maximum effect.

Spiritual Forecast ( Brief Version )

In 2022, the “flower of the year” was the Miniature Bromeliad. A teeny, tiny plant that dealt with the issue of stature and personal power. Where does power come from? Who has it? The truth is we, as individuals, are powerful beings… but we project our power onto authority ( governments, bosses, etc ), onto objects ( money, etc ) and onto social position ( fame, jobs, etc ). We give our divine power away and then spend out lives fighting to get it back. When we could just stop projecting value onto externals.

Now in 2023, the story continues.

The Rose Sacred Heart is a new release flower remedy for 2023. Joining the Pink & Red Sacred Heart, the third in the series is the Rose Sacred Heart. A Flower that signals a time of ‘reckoning’. A time where ‘the bill has to be paid’. A signal of an end of a chapter personally and a ‘crash’ in society. A biblical event.

While there will be drama and strife, it can be navigated by adopting a posture of self reflection, year-long purification and a willingness to raise your conduct levels to new heights. 2023 will be a calamity for those who are unprepared. For those who do inner work, it will signal a breathe of fresh air as the illusions of society fall… and the truth is slowly revealed over the next few years.

2023 is a time of great reckoning which no one can escape. Everyone is being called to give an account of themselves. Your character & current actions, matter. As the ‘grand’ illusions of society fall, dig down deep, draw upon your spiritual reserves and simply focus on what’s in front of you. Live your life. That’s all you need to do.

  • For the full version of the spiritual forecast for 2023, see this article. [coming soon]

 No medical claims made.

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