Skyflowers: Twenty Three | Spiritual Forecast


The toolkit designed for 2023.

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Skyflowers: Twenty Three

A Toolkit Designed for 2023.

Skyflowers: Twenty Three contains 25 hand-picked 15ml stock flower remedies that match the collective issues, challenges & amazing opportunities of 2023. Great for aligning your inner work with the wider themes in society and the collective consciousness.

Set Includes

  1. Skyflowers: 10th Edition ~ the offical guide. ( $30 Value )
  2. Skyflowers: Twenty Three Box Set ~ 25 x 15ml hand-picked flower remedies. ( $250 ) Includes all 12 flower remedies from the 2023 spiritual forecast (#florascope) and 5 timely new releases to help ground your spirit in the year ahead.
  3. Skyflowers: Twenty Three Pro Charts ~ A4, quick reference of the 25 remedies. ( $15 Value )
  4. Skyflowers App for Mac or Windows ~ Digital copy of the Skyflowers: 10th Edition, perfect for client homework. ( Free )
  5. 2023 25ml ~ Pre-mixed, custom-made blend for the issues, challenges & opportunities that are specific to 2023. ( $20 Value )

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Skyflowers: Twenty Three | Limited Edition

The ToolKit Designed for 2023.

Mental Body

There are 4 flowers for the mental body in the 2023 box set. This indicates it’s time to ‘change our thinking’… and the path that these thoughts set us on. The presence of the Bronze Flaming Sword indicates a need for personal leadership and not looking to external authorities for direction. The Dangling Air Plant, Simplicity and Gratitude point to a ‘purification’ process which fits in with the flower of the year and the keyword of 2023 – ‘repentance’.

  1. Bronze Flaming Sword – Authority, Leadership | Leaderless, Subordinate.
  2. Dangling Air Plant – Selfless, Life Focused | Self Focused, Self Absorbed.
  3. Gratitude – Thankful | Ungrateful, Spoiled.
  4. Simplicity – Simple, Easy | Hard, Complicated.

Emotional Body

The presence of the affirmation flower, Self Discipline, indicates a reinforcement of the theme of self-purification and repentance. As it is the only affirmation flower in the set, it suggest that 2023 is about personal discipline and a focus on principle. With 15 flowers to emotionally support that goal.

  1. Acceptance – Accept | Deny, Avoid.
  2. Blushing Heart – Honesty | Dishonest, Deceitful.
  3. Green Star – Ambitious | Disheartened, Disappointed.
  4. Karma – Desirous | Consequence, Repercussion.
  5. Mexican Spear Bromeliad – Moral Character, Ethical | Disgraceful, Immoral. 
  6. Miniature Bromeliad( Flower of the Year 2022 ) – Powerful, Stature | Overpowered, Dominated.
  7. Peace II – Merciful | Hostile, Aggressive.
  8. Perception II – Detached | Attached, Emotionally Tied.
  9. Pinecone Bromeliad – Logical, Progressive | Frustrated, Futile.
  10. Pygmy Pineapple – Relax, Unwind | Stage 2 Stress, Pressured.
  11. Reality – Realistic | Unrealistic, Fantasy.
  12. Security – Safe | Insecure, Unsafe.
  13. Self Discipline – “I am Principled” | Indulgent, Wasteful.
  14. Silver Star – ( New ) Rational | Justify, Absolve.
  15. Surrender – Give In | Fearful, Afraid.
  16. White Blushing Heart – Reprieve | Punish, Condemn.

Physical, Karmic & Reality

Interestingly, there are 5 grounding flowers in the set making up 20% of the entire list. This indicates that 2023 will be a good year for establishing strong foundations, based in spirit. And tapping into a place deeper than the surface, ego-mind. On the flipside, those that aren’t grounded in principle, soulful living or things of substance, will be shaken be world events. As indicated by the keyword belonging to the flower of the year for 2023, the Rose Sacred Heart. That of ‘reckoning’.

  1. Carnivorous Bromeliad II – ( New ) – Distinguish, Sort | Sophisticated, Elaborate.
  2. Mexican False Agave – Aware | Stage 3 of Ignorance, Defiance.
  3. Rose Sacred Heart ( Flower of the Year 2023 )( New ) – Repentance | Confronted, Reckoning.
  4. Silver Carpet Bromeliad – ( New ) – Efficient | Unsustainable, Untenable.
  5. Star of Venezuela II – ( New ) – Sensible | Warped, Insane.

Note: This list is subject to change. Some remedies appear in other sets.

Spiritual Forecast & Your Inner Work.

Flower of the Year.

Each year, we choose a flower remedy that closely matches the ‘collective (social) consciousness’ and the wider themes in society. This collective ( mental & emotional ) wavelength can have an effect on us, individually.

Typically, it is experienced as ‘feeling off’ or upset for no reason. Or emotional spikes during natural disasters or hysteria during periods of civil unrest. These are the most common ways but it can manifest in other ways.

The point is we are all connected. While we do have individuality, we do not live in ‘isolated bubbles’. The impact of events on the lives of others,  has an effect on your life. This is a lesson mankind is yet to learn.

FloraScope ( 12 Month Calendar )

This collective link is not something to be afraid of. It keeps you in tune with other people. This link is simply something to be aware of. It is an open door to your inner world. A door to close, but not lock.

By acknowledging this subtle link ( and potential, influence ), you can take steps in your inner work to reduce the effects that the pain and suffering of others has on you personally. Something that we all need to practice, not just sensitive or sympathetic people need to.

Each year, aside from the flower of the year, we also choose 12 flowers for each calendar month so people can reflect on the lessons of each flower. We create a florascope to help you tune into the current wavelength and be aware of the issues… and the opportunities within each month.

30 Day Challenge ( Medication )

Don’t worry. You DO NOT need to use flower remedies to do this practice! The flower remedies are helpful but you can do this practice without them.

Here”s what you do…

  • Daily Meditation. Clear your mind. Focus on the lessons / key words from the flower of the month. Continue to work on this theme daily.
  • Take the ’30 Day Challenge’ ( with flower remedies ). On the first day of each month, create a combination remedy using (a) the flower of the month + (b) the flower of the year + (c) support flowers to help you work through the issues that they raise.
  • Take this blend for 5-7 days (max).
  • Continue your daily medication after you have completed this course of drops. Allow your mind/body system to rest for the remainder of the month. Rest is key. I.e. Don’t ‘drill for oil’ or push for change.
  • This practice is gentle as well as proactive. Repeat each month.

The 30 Day Challenge works with collective themes in society & delivers some amazing results. Try it for 30 days and see.

Skyflowers: Box Sets

We have a range of box sets to suit your style. Choose the right one for you and unlock the power of the Skyflowers: Pro System.

Series A ( No Overlap, for Collectors of the Full Range. Grouped by Botanical Classification. Designed with a Tight Focus for Detailed Work. )

  1. Skyflowers: Higher Mind for thinking, focus & habitual issues. 
  2. Skyflowers: Higher Vision for perception, beliefs & sabotage patterns.
  3. Skyflowers: Higher Power for fears, inhibitions & suppressed emotions.
  4. Skyflowers: Higher Self  for identity, affirmation & ego issues. #lifecoach
  5. Skyflowers: Higher Ground for karmic, long-term & reality issues. 

Series B ( May Overlap. Designed with a Broad Focus to Cover a Wide Range of Issues. )

  1. Skyflowers: Starter Set for common issues, general practice & home use. #beginners
  2. Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid for emotional crisis, distress & emergency situations. #socialwork
  3. Skyflowers: Self Development for growth, maturity & personal power. #teachers
  4. Skyflowers: Pro Set ( aka “The Kinesiology Kit” ) for pinpointing & treating the core issue.
  5. Skyflowers: Twenty Three for the issues, challenges & opportunities of 2023.


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Weight 2500 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 mm
Core Issue

Mental Body, Emotional Body, Physical ( Karmic ) Body


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