Pro Charts | Botanical Archetypes & the 21 Core Issues


2 Charts. Double Sided. A4 Size. Color.



Botanical Archetypes

Welcome to the Next Generation of Plant Medicine.

The Skyflowers is more than ‘a box of flower remedies’. The Skyflowers represent a whole new generation of plant medicine. And this chart set is an example it.

When working with any of the Skyflowers or Skyflowers: Higher Ground flower remedies you have more information to work with than the usual ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ qualities. You also get detailed insight into how the issue is caused and held in consciousness. Something no other range of flower remedies currently offers.

The Chart features…

  • Botanical symbols for easy cross-reference with our manuals, etc.
  • Dictionary-style definitions, common terms and relevant key words for each of the 21 plant archetypes. Concise-yet-informative descriptions to help raise awareness on-the-fly.
  • Highlights the exact context of the problem – E.g. Genus Vriesea for confused thought patterns, Neoregelia for perception issues, Tillandsia for fixations & obsessive thoughts, Aechmea for suppressed emotions, etc.
  • Predict the transition that your client will undergo while using a remedy.
  • Takes the guess work out of flower essence therapy and turns this amazing technique into a surgical procedure.
  • Gets you to the cause of the issue!
  • Educates and raises awareness before a remedy is even applied.

Skyflowers. Deeper by Design.

Learn why the Skyflowers are ‘Worlds Above’ in Flower Therapy.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 33 × 25 × 220 mm


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