Dark Green Star ( Healthy Balance )


15ml Stock Remedy.



Dark Green Star

Cryptanthus coriaceus

Raises awareness of the extreme views, beliefs and mindset that take you far from your spiritual center & stop you from naturally returning to ‘homeostasis’ – your natural center of peace, happiness and good health. Understanding that ‘health is an elastic process that allows your mind, body & emotions to return to center.’ I.e. It’s the ‘rubber band effect’ of constant adjustment to current circumstance… and not a perfect state of being, based on fixed ingredients. Weeding out the unhealthy thinking that prevents a natural return to wellbeing.

Positive – Homeostasis, Normal.

+ Well balanced. State of equilibrium. Neutral minded. Natural balance of the mind, emotions, body & lifestyle as a norm, not via a manual process to ‘make health happen’. Careful that your mindset is a neutral one or else it may become the source of your problems if prolonged. Weeding out extreme views of life, health and politics so that they do not corrode your system. Inspecting your beliefs about health to see whether they are indeed healthy. Looking for the thought processes, beliefs and paradigms that push your biology out of shape. Reducing inputs when your mind/body system becomes stormy.

  • Health = your systems ability to rebalance itself and return to it’s natural design.

Negative – Radical, Extreme.

– Extremist or hardline approaches to life, health & self. Health practices that disguise extreme views. Manual attempts to restore balance motivated by the belief they can not happen naturally. Going out of your way to bring order, balance, peace or equality to your life. Striving to bring balance and throwing things out of balance in the attempt. Thought patterns that adversely impact on your health. Dogmatic and emphatic ( forceful ) views that push your biology into new postures. Extreme beliefs that push your biology out of balance.

  • Health Imbalance = rigid health practices based upon faulty beliefs about life. Rigid views that bend your biology out of shape and cause an imbalance.

Cause of Issue – Projection ( of Consciousness ).

The Botanical Archetype Cryptanthus relieves issues caused by a projection of your own consciousness.


There are three states of health.

  1. Good health.
  2. Bad or ill health.
  3. Life force.

The first two states of health – ‘good vs bad health’ is a man-made model, based upon polar opposites.

The 3rd state of health, life force, is a very different model of health. It is the idea that all states of health are a reflection of the life force. This is something to contemplate.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Plant Group

Sub-Family 2 – Bromelioideae, Cryptanthus


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