Personal Crisis – Grief & Trauma | 25ml Blend


25ml Stock Combination Remedy.

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To compliment the individual Skyflowers are a range of pre-mixed flower essence combinations. They are of stock potency and are presented in 25ml Amber glass bottles with rubber tops.


The Skyflowers Combination is for Lifes Emotional Moments.

Personal Crisis 25ml quickly eases emotional disturbance resulting from sudden bad news, accidents or other traumatic situations. It’s the one you think of in an emergency!

See also…

  1. Social Crisis 25ml – Initial shock & awe from a disaster. Temporary state of panic & hysteria in society.
  2. Social Crisis II 25ml – Civil unrest, rioting & violence. Escalating tension, built up of pressure or prolonged state of emergency.
  3. Social Crisis III 25ml – Declaration of war or a complete breakdown of society & social structures. Decline of society.

The Skyflowers in this Combination are –

  1. Blue Flowering Grass Bromeliad – Collapse, Fall Down.
  2. Chakra Flower – Shock, Disoriented.
  3. Calm – Anxiety, Worry.
  4. Compassion – Neglectful, Uncaring.
  5. Initiation – Catharsis, Crisis.
  6. Innocence – Embarrassed, Ashamed.
  7. Queen of Bromeliads – Panic, Hysterical.
  8. Queens Tears – Sadness, Grief.

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 10 mm


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