Skyflowers: Higher Ground ( Karmic Issues )


15ml Karmic Remedies.

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Skyflowers: Higher Ground Boxed Set

for Issues of the Soul

Skyflowers: Higher Ground is a set of 25 x 15ml stock flower remedies for karmic issues or ‘long term patterns of consciousness’. Made from ancestral, ground-growing Bromeliads, Skyflowers: Higher Ground help you to tap into your true spirit and go deeper than your thoughts, emotions and ego. For grounding your spirit and leading an ascended lifestyle. Here on Earth!

Set Includes

  1. Skyflowers ~ 9th Edition ( $25 Value )
  2. Box Set with 25 x 15ml of our Ancient Flower Remedies for Karmic Issues. ( $250 Value )
  3. Skyflowers App for Mac or Windows ~ Digital Copy of the Skyflower Guide. ( Free )

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  1. 2020 25ml ( $20 Value ) ~ for the Issues & Challenges of 2020.

Professional Upgrades 

  1. Skyflowers: Higher Ground Set | Pro Charts ( $15 Value ) ~ Quick Reference of the 25 Remedies.
  2. Botanical Diagnosis | Pro Charts ( $25 Value ) ~ for Professional Flower Therapy.
  3. Emotions for Kinesiology: 2nd Edition ( $50 Value ) ~ Dictionary of 500+ Rare Emotions.

Other Box Sets

Try them out. Later on you can add to your toolkit with one of our other sets and unlock the power of the Skyflowers: Pro System of ‘botanical diagnosis’.

  1. Skyflowers: Starter Set for general practice.
  2. Skyflowers: Infinite Mind for thinking issues.
  3. Skyflowers: Higher Self for identity & ego issues. 
  4. Skyflowers: Higher Ground for karmic / reality issues.
  5. Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid for emotional crisis.
  6. Skyflowers: Money Mastery for financial issues.

Skyflowers: Higher Ground

The 25 Remedies

  1. Ancestral Grass Bromeliad – Unfavourable, Disadvantaged.
  2. Blue Flowering Grass Bromeliad – Collapse, Fall Down.
  3. Carnivorous Bromeliad – Manipulative, Tricky.
  4. Chilean Blood Grass – Sacred Contract, Forgotten Obligation.
  5. Chilean Blood Grass II – Incomplete, Unfinished Business to End.
  6. Evolution ( Stage 3 of Rebirth ) – Blocked, Barrier.
  7. False Agave – Oblivious, Ignorant.
  8. Green Carpet Bromeliad – Wild, Uncontrollable.
  9. Heart of Flame – Brutal, Harsh.
  10. Initiation ( Stage 1 of Rebirth ) – Catharsis, Crisis.
  11. Mexican False Agave – Defiant, Resistant.
  12. Peruvian Mountain Bromeliad – Immobilized, Frozen.
  13. Pink Sacred Heart – Soul Searching, Yearning.
  14. Rebirth ( Stage 4 of Rebirth ) – Repeat, Replay.
  15. Red Sacred Heart – Alienated, Estranged.
  16. Sapphire Tower – Disruptive, Interfering.
  17. Silver Grass Bromeliad – Knocked, Impacted Upon.
  18. Silver Thorn  Pushy, Forceful.
  19. Sprawling Silver Bush – Awkward, Uncomfortable.
  20. Star of Venezuela – Divided Psyche, Polarized.
  21. Tears of the Sun – Awful, Horrible.
  22. Texas False Agave – Denial, Rejection.
  23. Transmigration ( Stage 2 of Rebirth ) – Revert, Relapse.
  24. Yellow Bell Bromeliad – Fall Apart, Unravel.
  25. Yellow Flowering Rock Bromeliad – Depleted, Spiritual Exhaustion.
Set Description
Skyflowers: Starter Set 
for kinesiology                        
(a) A ‘well-rounded’ toolkit.
(b) Good for students, kinesiology & natural health practitioners.
(c) A good first set of flower
remedies for newbies.
Botanical Sets
Skyflowers: Infinite Mind
pro set    
(a) 25 *high vibration flowers from
the 1st sub-family of Bromeliads.
(b) For thinking & focus issues.
(c) Brain Gym, LEAP &
“brain work”.
Skyflowers: Master Work
(a) 25 *mid vibration flowers from
the 2nd sub-family of Bromeliads.
(b) For emotion & behaviour issues.
(c) Another good choice for first set of flower remedies.
Skyflowers: Higher Ground
pro set
(a) 25 *(s)low vibration flowers
from 3rd sub-family of Bromeliads.
(b) For karmic issues and long term patterns of consciousness.
(c) Body work, illness, core issues.
Read About Botanical Archetypes.


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Weight 2500 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 mm


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