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15ml Flower Remedies.

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Skyflowers: Higher Mind

for Issues of the Mind

Skyflowers: Higher Mind is a set of 25 x 15ml stock flower remedies for thought patterns & clear thinking. Made from epiphytic ‘air plants’, Skyflowers: Higher Mind remedies are for focusing your higher intelligence. So you can think clearly in a world of confusion. They help you to raise your thoughts to new heights and look beyond the cares of life.

Allowing you to lead an ascended lifestyle. Here on Earth!

Set Includes

  1. Skyflowers: 10th Edition ~ the offical guide. ( $25 Value )
  2. Skyflowers: Higher Mind ~ 25 x 15ml of the Best Flower Remedies for Deep Upset & Healing Crisis ( $250 Value )
  3. Skyflowers: Higher Mind Pro Charts ~ A4, quick reference of the 25 remedies. ( $15 Value )
  4. Skyflowers: Botanical Diagnosis Pro Charts ( $25 Value ) ~ for Professional Flower Therapy.
  5. 2022 25ml ~ Pre-mixed, rescue-blend for the issues & challenges of 2022. ( $20 Value )

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25 Remedies

  1. Bronze Flaming Sword ( Authority )
  2. Calm
  3. Clarity ( Mental Pollution )
  4. Concentration ( Focus )
  5. Dangling Air Plant ( Egocentric Issues )
  6. Discipline
  7. Fireworks Bromeliad ( Assertiveness )
  8. Gratitude
  9. Habit
  10. Help ( was Intervention )
  11. Improvement ( was Correction )
  12. Intelligence
  13. Intention
  14. Justice
  15. King of Bromeliads ( Decisiveness )
  16. Learning ( was Knowledge )
  17. Mexican Air Plant ( Priority )
  18. Motivation
  19. Patience
  20. Peace II ( was Mercy )
  21. Self Acceptance
  22. Simplicity ( Ease )
  23. Spanish Moss ( Relationship & Trust )
  24. Strategy
  25. Yellow Flaming Sword ( Attentiveness )

Note: This list is subject to change. 3rd Edition ~ July 21st, 2020.

Skyflowers: Higher Mind contains 25 ‘mental body’ flowers that deal with two sides of human thought processes. The Flaming Swords ( yang ) promote clear thought patterns & defuse confusion and emotionality from your thinking. The Air Plants ( yin ) raise awareness and thereby end old thought patterns that are no longer valid or applicable.

  • Skyflowers: Higher Mind compliments the Skyflowers: Higher Vision set.
  • Good for education difficulties, clear thinking & ‘brain work’.
  • These flower remedies are high(er) vibration and affect the mental body. They can be used sparingly.

Tip: Ensure adequate hydration when using flower remedies. Add drops to a water bottle and sip throughout the day.

Choosing a Box Set

We have different box sets to suit different types of clinical work. If you need help selecting the box set that suits your clinical style, contact us. Let us know what kind of work you do in clinic. Whether you do body work, spiritual / energy work or talk-based therapies like counselling or life coaching, we have a set to suit your needs.

We will be happy to short-list the set that is best for you. But for now, here is a general guide.

  1. If you are looking for a set of flower remedies for home use or general practice that covers a range of common issues, go for the Skyflowers: Starter Set. This set is perfect for beginners.
  2. If you are a kinesiologist or natural health professional, you may like the Skyflowers: Pro Set. It is a diagnostic toolkit designed to be used at the start of a consultation that helps pinpoint the core issue. Even if you’re new to natural medicine but plan to see clients, this is the set you are looking for.
  3. If you need a set to compliment a set of Bach flowers, etc, you may want to choose Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid. It contains 25 emergency remedies for crisis situations & makes a good companion to support other remedies.

Note: If you want to collect the Skyflowers, choose a set from “Series A”. The sets are thematic, specialized and none of the 5 sets overlap with each other. Each set is unique. Whereas, “Series B” sets may overlap in content.

As mentioned, we are happy to help select the right toolkit for your work. Contact us with any questions. What makes us happy is to see the right toolkit go to the right person.

Skyflowers: Box Sets

We have a range of box sets to suit your style. Choose the right one for you and unlock the power of the Skyflowers: Pro System.

Series A ( No Overlap, for Collectors of the Full Range. Grouped by Botanical Classification. Designed with a Tight Focus for Detailed Work. )

  1. Skyflowers: Higher Mind for thinking, focus & habitual issues. 
  2. Skyflowers: Higher Vision for perception, beliefs & sabotage patterns.
  3. Skyflowers: Higher Power for fears, inhibitions & suppressed emotions.
  4. Skyflowers: Higher Self  for identity, affirmation & ego issues. #lifecoach
  5. Skyflowers: Higher Ground for karmic, long-term & reality issues. 

Series B ( May Overlap. Designed with a Broad Focus to Cover a Wide Range of Issues. )

  1. Skyflowers: Starter Set for common issues, general practice & home use. #beginners
  2. Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid for emotional crisis, distress & emergency situations. #socialwork
  3. Skyflowers: Self Development for growth, maturity & personal power. #teachers
  4. Skyflowers: Pro Set ( aka “The Kinesiology Kit” ) for pinpointing & treating the core issue.
  5. Skyflowers: Twenty Three for the issues, challenges & opportunities of 2023.


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