15ml Stock Remedy.




Quesnelia tillandsioides

Remaining loyal to an idea(l) so that you embody those principles. Embodying a higher form of consciousness by remaining loyal to a higher principle. Being true to what you aspire to be. 

Positive – Devoted.

+ True hearted. Loyal. Unfailing. Loyal to principles and human values. Allegiance to a cause. Faithful to your word. Doing your duty. Devoted to a core concept, principle or ideal. Dedicated to a higher principle to the point that the higher principle shapes your thinking, feelings and actions. Attaching yourself to a higher state of mind. Lifting yourself out of grosser, less refined states of mind.

Negative – Betrayal, Treachery.

– Disloyal. Fickle. Treachery. Loyal to your own wayward beliefs and fantasy. Unsteady in your word. Unsure what you stand for. Sometimes principled, sometimes not. Prone to times of low grade thinking and a lack of principles that you normally display. Swayed by emotion as to what you stand for and represent. Lack of dedication and grit when times get tough. Unable to commit to a relationship.Betray a trust. Infidelity or martial affair.

Cause of Issue – Division, Separation ( from Nature ).

The Botanical Archetype Quesnelia relieves issues caused by *mental division, *separating yourself from the whole which fragments your reality and leads to a sense of alienation and breeds conflict & infighting. ( Aka ‘The ‘Adam & Eve’ complex. )

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Plant Group

Sub-Family 2 – Bromelioideae, Quesnelia


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