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Vriesea fenestralis

Being smart and learning about a variety of topics that are relevant to your life. Building worldly as well as spiritual intelligence so that you can deal with life. Understanding that ‘common sense’ or ordinary intelligence is the synthesis of all forms of intelligence ( logic, intuition, etc ) and the most relevant for everyday life.  


+ Intelligent. Smart. Clever. Mental agility. Adaptive intelligence that fits the current situation or role. Expressing an intelligence that is alignment with your path in life. Clever at what you do best. Using common sense. Learning about different areas of life so that you can deal with them when you come across them. Broadening your mind by learning about subjects beyond your usual range. Learning about things that are useful to you such as cooking, financial planning, etc and other life skills.

Negative – Stupid, Dumb.

– Silly. Dense. Idiotic. Limited intelligence. Linear intelligence that is smart along a specific line of thinking but dumb beyond that. Amassing great amounts of information that does not meet the present need. Trying to display an intelligence that is not your natural one. Derring to ‘higher intelligence’, intuition, spiritual guides, etc instead of making clear, thoughtful or command decisions for yourself. Trying to think or plan with your intuition, something that it is not designed to do. Stuck in a limited form of intelligence that does not meet all the needs of everyday life. Working at the wrong job because you prize money over a job that suits you. Making dumb lifestyle decisions based upon perceived needs.

Cause of Issue – Confusion.

The Botanical Archetype Vriesea relieves issues caused by con(scious)fusion & conflicting thoughts.


The key difference between the flower of Intelligence and Intellect is this…

The flower of Intelligence is about ‘mental agility’ and the ability to think and respond in smart ways to a situation. Whereas, the flower of Intellect is about ‘mental muscle’ and the power of the mind. The first is really about flexibility and the second is about strength and the ability to withstand stress.

The botanical difference is that Intelligence belongs to the Vriesea ( yang ) group and Intellect belongs to the Tillandsia ( yin ) group. They are closely paired.

No medical claims made.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Plant Group

Sub-Family 1 – Tillandsioidieae, Vriesea


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