Intervention ( Help )


15ml Stock Remedy.




Tillandsia magnusiana

Learning to assist others without being a hinderance to their growth. Aiding those in need with careful thought & attention. Setting others up to take over from you when your assistance is no longer required.


+ Aid. Assist. Playing a healthy role in someone elses life. Intervening at the right time. Applying the right kind of care. Weighing up when to intervene and when to stay out of the drama. Playing a role at the right time and then stepping away at the right time. Fostering independence and not reliance on constant inputs. Knowing when to hold back and hold off when caring for others. Allowing people to right themselves and nature to restore balance once your work is done. Getting your mind out of the way of life, health, growth and spirituality. Intervening so that life ( energy ) can flow in a more natural and harmonious direction.

Negative – Meddle, Interfere.

– Hinder. Obstruct. Playing an unhealthy role in someone elses life. Interfering at the wrong time. Over-caring or applying the wrong kind of care. Adding drama and complication to an already complex issue. Worsening the situation by your mere presence. Injecting yourself into the life, health or growth process of others as though you were a requirement. Healing, imposing your will or doing too much inner work that interferes with natural balancing mechanisms. Interfering in your own health, life or spiritual growth process. Interfering in the course that life ( energy ) desires to flow in.

Cause of Issue – Fixation ( Sustained Mental Focus )

The Botanical Archetype Tillandsia relieves issues caused by a sustained mental focus & habitual thinking.


This plant looks like a cross between the stiff, straight leaves of the flower of Concentration and the open, leafy flower of Patience. It is a blend of the two states of mind. A ‘patient form of concentration’. Which is a great description of “care”.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Plant Group

Sub-Family 1 – Tillandsioidieae, Tillandsia


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