Investment ~ “I Am Entrepreneurial”


15ml Stock Remedy.




Billbergia distachia

Investing your time, energy & money in things that directly impact your life in a positive & tangible way. Balancing your various needs & attending to them evenly. Consciously managing your financial assets so that they return greater gains.

Positive – Affluent, Bountiful.

+ Astute. Entrepreneurial. Smart investment. Consciously managing your financial assets. Value adding. Spending time cultivating the basic things you need as a human being – finance, health, education, etc. Investing in things that provide great value, returns and provide real solutions to the problems of life. Reading spiritual texts to solve spiritual problems, reading finance books to solve financial problems. Investing in growth opportunities that provide amazing rewards. Cultivating a well balanced portfolio that serves you ‘across the board’. Balancing your investment in health, wealth and lifestyle. Aiming to become a well-rounded human being. Using your current resources to fund greater opportunity. Spiralling abundance.

Negative – Destitute, Poor.

– Mismanage. Mishandling your assets of time, money and energy. Imbalances between material and inner riches. Over-invested in self help, healing, inner work or spirituality. Under-invested in what reality says you actually need to invest your time in. Financial problems caused by a lack of forethought, attention and care. Cash poor. Banking everything on spirituality, natural health and self help to solve the problems beyond their jurisdiction. Identifying with a spiritual mentality when a financial mindset would solve your cash flow problems. Waiting for ‘the law of attraction’ to provide when a good plan & direct action would be a better solution. Living beyond your means. Living a lifestyle you cannot afford. Using up your resources. Too time & cash poor to seize opportunities. Spiralling debt.

Cause of Issue – Negative Affirmation.

The Botanical Archetype Billbergia relieves issues caused by negative affirmations & limiting statements about self – “I am poor”.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Plant Group

Sub-Family 2 – Bromelioideae, Billbergia


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