Karmic Issues *25ml Blend*


25ml Stock Combination Remedy.



Sacred Contracts

Letting Go Of The Past Just Became Easy.

Sacred Contracts 25ml raises awareness of past vows, promises and obligations. It helps deal with subconscious, ‘sabotage patterns’ that defy healing, change or growth.

Helps those who are caught in an endless cycle of giving birth to problems spend their immortal time on something more productive. But that’s not *you* is it?

The blend is designed to help you be born free of the problems associated with the thought patterns that you have accumulated over time. Sacred Contracts removes ‘tough stains’ and deeply rooted, hard-to-shift issues that you were born with.

Thought forms from the past. Lifetimes worth of life issues.


  1. Ancestral Grass Bromeliad – Unfavourable, Disadvantage.
  2. Chakra Flower – Shock, Disoriented.
  3. Chilean Blood Grass II – Incomplete, Unfinished Business.
  4. Pink Sacred Heart – Soul Searching, Yearning.
  5. Queens Tears – Sadness, Grief.
  6. Silver Grass Bromeliad – Knocked, Impacted Upon.
  7. Silver Thorn – Forceful, Pushy.

 No medical claims made.

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 100 mm


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