Kinesiology *Special Blend*


25ml Stock Combination Remedy.



The ‘Hands On’ Health Care System. Just Got Better.

Kinesiology is a wonderful therapy that taps into your subconscious mind and defuses stress via simple muscle tests. To enhance that process, we have created a special blend of flower remedies designed to remedy the common issues that arise in a kinesiology balance.

Kinesiology 25ml Special Blend is designed to be used during pre-checks to ensure your client is ready for a clear kinesiology balance. Use as part of your start up routine! Irons out the creases at the start of a balance, making it easier for the kinesiology practitioner to do their work – putting their client in touch with their natural state of health and well-being.

  • Great for students who are new to muscle testing.
  • Helpful when your client has rushed into your clinic, wants to talk ( and talk ) or they aren’t ready to work yet.
  • Pro Tip! Apply to your hands and flush the central meridian and ‘flush’ as you normally would.


  1. Pink Sacred Heart – Soul Searching, Yearning. (*Priority Balancing. )
  2. Pinecone Bromeliad – Frustrated, Annoyed. ( *Logical Processing, Brain Formatting. )
  3. Chakra Flower – Shock, Disoriented. (*Alignment of Subtle Body, Chakra Work. )
  4. Calm – Anxious, Worried. ( *Mental Overwhelm. )
  5. Pygmy Pineapple – Escalating Tension, Pressure. ( *Stress, Physical Tension. )
  6. Grace – Upset, Disturbed. ( *Emotional. )
  7. Queens Tears – Sadness, Grief. ( *Hydration Issues, Emotional Flow. )

 No medical claims made.

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Weight 70 g
Dimensions 35 x 35 x 100 mm


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