Skyflowers: Starter Set


15ml Flower Remedies, Designed for Kinesiology.

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Skyflowers: Starter Set

25 of Our Best Remedies for Common Issues.

Skyflowers: Starter Set contains 25 of our most popular 15ml stock flower remedies that match common corrections used in kinesiology and natural therapies.

Great for students!

Set Includes

  1. Skyflowers ~ 9th Edition ( $25 Value )
  2. Box Set with 25 x 15ml of our Most Popular Flower Remedies ( $250 Value )
  3. Skyflowers: Starter Set | Pro Charts ( $15 Value ) ~ Quick Reference of the 25 Remedies.
  4. Botanical Diagnosis | Pro Charts ( $25 Value ) ~ for Professional Flower Therapy.
  5. Skyflowers App for Mac or Windows ~ Digital Copy of the Skyflower Guide. ( Free )

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  1. 2020 25ml ( $20 Value ) ~ for the Issues & Challenges of 2020.

Other Box Sets

Try them out. Later on you can add to your toolkit with one of our other sets and unlock the power of the Skyflowers: Pro System of ‘botanical diagnosis’.

  1. Skyflowers: Starter Set for general practice.
  2. Skyflowers: Infinite Mind for thinking issues.
  3. Skyflowers: Higher Self for identity & ego issues. 
  4. Skyflowers: Higher Ground for karmic / reality issues.
  5. Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid for emotional crisis.
  6. Skyflowers: Money Mastery for financial issues.

Skyflowers: Starter Set ( 2nd Edition )

25 Remedies for Common Issues in Clinical Practice.

  • Thinking Issues
  • Emotional Issues
  • Karmic / Reality Issues
  1. Affirmation for affirmation work & life affirming statements. *New! Replaces Ability 15ml
  2. Blushing Heart for being honest with yourself. (*MasterWork)
  3. Calm for a clear mind & ‘mental dieting’. (*InfiniteMind)
  4. Chakra Flower for chakra work & injury to the body. (*MasterWork)
  5. Chilean Blood Grass for karmic issues & free will. (*Higher Ground)
  6. Dark Green Star for natural health, balance & establishing a healthy baseline.
  7. Green Carpet Bromeliad for toxicity issues. (*Higher Ground)
  8. Green Star for goal setting & sabotage clearing. (*MasterWork)
  9. Harmony for problem solving & conflict resolution. (*MasterWork)
  10. Innocence for emotional scars from abuse & addiction. (*MasterWork)
  11. Intuition for ‘knowing as you go’ & acting on your instinct.
  12. King of Bromeliads for quick thinking & decisiveness. (*InfiniteMind)
  13. Passion for bold & fearless action. (*MasterWork)
  14. Pineapple for relaxation & stress reduction (*MasterWork)
  15. Pinecone Bromeliad for logical & systematic processes. (*MasterWork)
  16. Pink Sacred Heart for soul searching & yearnings. (*Higher Ground)
  17. Pink Star for release of past trauma. (*MasterWork)
  18. Precious Jewel for contentment & addiction issues. (*MasterWork)
  19. Queens Tears for emotional expression & meridian work. (*MasterWork)
  20. Reality for debt, money problems & reality issues. (*MasterWork) New! Replaces Belief 15ml 
  21. Sanctuary Flower for boundary issues & psychic protection. (*MasterWork)
  22. Sapphire Tower for subtle disturbances like EMF, food additives, etc. (*Higher Ground)
  23. Self Development for a well-rounded set of life skills. New! Replaces Earth Star 15ml
  24. Spanish Moss for trust in relationships. (*InfiniteMind)
  25. Yellow Flaming Sword for fight/flight & survival responses. (*InfiniteMind)

Note: This list is subject to change. Some remedies appear in other sets.

The Skyflowers: Starter Set is similar to the Skyflowers: Master Work set and many of the flowers overlap ( see: chart ). I wanted to create a “general purpose toolkit” that covered many of the corrections in kinesiology & natural therapies. I used the Master Work set as a basis and customized the Starter Set by adding flowers to cover thinking issues & body work.

  • Skyflowers: Starter Set is a good choice for your first set of flower remedies.
  • Practitioners who do “brain work” may be interested in the Skyflowers: Infinite Mind set that specializes in thinking & focus issues.
  • Practitioners who do “body work” may be interested in the Skyflowers: Higher Ground set that specializes in karma & long term patterns of consciousness locked in the body.

Compare The Sets

    Skyflowers: Starter Set Skyflowers: Master Work
    Ability Ability
    Blushing Heart ( Honesty ) Blushing Heart
    Chakra Flower Chakra Flower
    Chilean Blood Grass ( Free Will )
    Dark Green Star ( Natural Balance )
    Green Carpet Bromeliad ( 
    Green Star ( Goal Setting ) Green Star
    Harmony Harmony
    Innocence Innocence
    King of Bromeliads ( Decisiveness )
    Passion Passion
    Pineapple ( Stage 1 Stress ) Pineapple
    Pinecone Bromeliad ( Systematic ) Pinecone Bromeliad
    Pink Sacred Heart ( Soulful )
    Pink Star ( Trauma Release ) Pink Star
    Precious Jewel ( Contentment ) Precious Jewel
    Purple Heart ( Drama )
    Queen of Bromeliads ( Chaos )
    Queens Tears ( Emotional Flow ) Queens Tears
    Sanctuary Flower ( Psychic Attack ) Sanctuary Flower
    Sapphire Tower ( EMF, Food Add. )
    Self Awareness
    Self Expression
    Spanish Moss ( Trust )
    Summer Torch ( Reponsibility )
    Unconditional Love
    Yellow Flaming Sword ( Alarmist )


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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 mm


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