Leadership *25ml Blend*


25ml Stock Combination Remedy.



Leadership New Recipe!

Play The Game of Life Like a Boss.

Modern business is rarely seen as an act of compassion. By founding a strong worldly presence, one can achieve much in the service of mankind. Helps you to trust in your spiritual authenticity as you pursue career goals and build your business empire!

The Skyflowers in this Combination are –

  1. Blue Flowering Grass Bromeliad – Collapse, Caving In.
  2. Blushing Heart – Dishonest ( with Yourself ), Deceitful ( with Others ).
  3. Bronze Flaming Sword – Leaderless, Subordinate.
  4. Confidence – Lack of Confidence, Unready.
  5. Humility – Pride, Bravado.
  6. King of Bromeliads – Confused, Indecisive.
  7. Queen of Bromeliads – Panic, Hysteria.

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 10 mm


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